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Overwatch Latest, News & Update

“Overwatch”Overwatch Update leak may have some secrets that slowly make its way to the public subtly. Moreover, the existing characters seemingly have their tweaks allotted to them as well.Overwatch Update leak

Blizzard Entertainment’s highly successful first-person shooter “Overwatch” finally announced some balance changes for some characters that may have tier issues in the past. However, some attention may be diverted to a potential new character reveal.Overwatch Update leak

According to GameTroops,”Overwatch” fans are shoveling through some factors that seemed odd; one being a Blizzard forum post with a message in Spanish. Moments after, the said message started to change with incomprehensive images; first with Reaper, errors appearing here and there and finally with a typed message.


It was later confirmed that it was actually Base64 code, deciphered into smaller hints that are comprised as well of the Spanish message. The “Overwatch” post then vanished, but instilled that something could be coming to the title, namely the tendency to have a new character named Sombra.Overwatch Update leak

Sombra can be recalled as the supposed first downloadable character, but is still not certain whether it is affirmative information for “Overwatch,” as a Reddit forum stated. While this may seem interesting, some valid changes are bestowed upon the existing roster characters in the game.Overwatch Update leak

Hanzo, is one character that experienced the changes in “Overwatch.” The character was reportedly said to be quite powerful, which Blizzard took into consideration and toned done the projectile coverage by 33 percent for the latest update.Overwatch Update leak

Overwatch Update leak

The new map

The same “Overwatch” update goes for Soldier 76, whose burst-fire properties are now confirmed on being improved for the next update. This enables more accuracy during the maximum spread of the fire, even for long range shots.Overwatch Update leak

Lastly, melee speed is also a concern that was addressed, and players can expect these changes once “Overwatch” launches its latest update. The next update will launch early September with the new map, Eichenwalde.Overwatch Update leak


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