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No Mans Sky

No Man’s Sky is easily one of the most anticipated game of 2016, mostly because its developers have been so tight-lipped about what the game will actually entail. Videos and screenshots released by Hello Games show a beautifully colored, highly imaginative universe ripe for exploring.No Mans Sky

The game will feature exploration and space-based battles, as well as resources to gather and predators to defeat on its many planets. Other rumors claim it will feature a possible 18 quintillion (that’s 1018) planets, making it an almost incomprehensibly huge game.No Mans Sky

No Mans Sky

No Mans Sky

No Man’s Sky also has an interesting take on multiplayer. Rather than being a game that you play side-by-side with friends, this one encourages individual exploration. Though you may find other players occasionally in the huge game world—as you simultaneously stumble upon the same planet or star system—the game will largely be experienced alone. A single-player mode, available offline, will be featured in addition to its online version.


No Mans Sky does have a goal: get to the center of the universe. Though the developers have left the story and gameplay vague for now, it’s only gotten people more excited for what’s to come.No Mans Sky


Release date: August 9, 2016

Platforms: PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows