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Hi guys, JJudo Sloth here, I run a Clash of Clans YouTube channel Subscribe here and I wanted to give some advice on the new Builder Base following my experience with it from the developer build. You’ve clicked update, repaired the ship and arrived at the Builder Base – massive right, but where do you start? Well I aim to break down the different aspects for you here. This guide is not meant to provide in-depth strategy; the update has only just been released. However this will provide you lots of advice to get you going Take a Look at This Page Full Update HereFor More Info so come and take a look at this Clash of Clans Builder Base Tips guide 

Clash of Clans Builder Base Tips

Clash of Clans Builder Base Tips Strategy Advice

As explained, the update has just came out so the strategy advice here is from playing for a relatively short period of time and with a small sample size. However, I will try and explain a few methods I have found successful. These strategies include all of the way up to BH5 as in the very early stages you will be limited as you don’t have all of the troops unlocked. Barch will be your friend originally.


General Advice – Starting out you want to save up for your second army camp as soon as possible. This will give you a massive boost as not only can you take more troops, as soon as you unlock the Sneaky Archers you can take a variety. I have found most success with a small kill-squad in an attempt to take down a key objective/s. This could be a defence that is particularly vulnerable which will set up the attack for the rest of the base. For example, Mass Archers – you don’t have to worry about splash damage in the early Builder Hall levels but as you progress if you can take out the Multi Mortar easily I have been able to swarm a base with Archers. Since they’re sneaky you get the added bonus to help funnel them as well.

Baby Dragons – You will be most familiar with the troop mechanic of the Baby Dragon and it is a great troop within the Builder Base. My favourite composition is to take 1 Army Camp of Cannon Carts to use alongside the Battle Machine and take out the Air Bomb defence. I then take the other 3 Camps with Baby Dragons. It is important to try and be surgical with the Baby Dragons and take out ground targetting defences as your Battle Machine is moving forward to help protect it. This also keeps it on track towards the Air Bomb. You may need to deploy some Baby Dragons first to funnel for the Battle Machine and Cannon Carts but you could also take Beta Minions/Sneaky Archers if it was appropriate.

Giants and Bombers – This is worth noting as it is an easy strategy to get the hang of and can be deadly, especially for the high percentage 2 star.

Clash Of Clans Builder Base Guide Attacking

When you click the ‘Attack’ then ‘Find Now’ button you will be matched up with another player within your trophy range. You both attack each other at the same time (you don’t see your opponent attack you) as you are both online and have searched.

The person with the best stars then percentage wins, simple. The higher in trophy range you are the more resources you will gain from a win and 3-win bonus. On attacking you will get 1 minute to scout.

Possibly the coolest feature is that within this feature you can freely swap your army by clicking the little arrow.

This brings up the other troops you have unlocked which you can switch to any of them.

This means you can try and take advantage of weaknesses within a base. Once the 1 minute has expired or you deploy a troop your 3 minute attack time will begin and you can no longer change your army.

My advice, take your time and be patient. 3 minutes is a long time against these small bases – take your time to take out those snipes and create your funnel. I have found success in coming at a base with a mini kill-squad often for just 1 or 2 objectives. I will give some strategy advice in the ‘Strategy’ section, but it is brand new and more practice is needed really.

Thanks For Reading This Guide and The update is insane , thanks SuperCell ❤️ and Also Judo Sloth  For Sharing This Video and Take a Look at This Page Full Update Here For More Info