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Limbo is a cross-platform 2D sidescroller game where you guide the main character through dangerous environments to help find her sister. To progress through the game’s puzzles, you have to use a “trial and death” strategy that requires you to fail multiple times before you finally discover a solution.

guide a boy through dark locations full of many traps and deadly hazards. Find a safe path for the hero. The protagonist of this Android game is a boy who goes searching for his missing sister. He finds himself in limbo. The boy is surrounded by dark scenery and scary creatures like giant spiders. Guide your hero through gloomy forests, the ghost town, and other locations. Jump over obstacles, jump onto platforms, avoid monsters, and find hero’s sister.




Limbo Game Guide Tips , Tricks and Feature


The boy is depicted as silhouette and as the background theme is also dark the only thing that you can see clearly is his white and bright eyes. Just like in all 2D games you can make the little boy to move forward as well as backwards. You can also make him jump upwards as well as downwards. Different deadly obstacles and monsters are on his way as he is on a mission to find his sister. In order to avoid these obstacles the boy can climb on the walls, ropes and ladders. The game has got dark and grey scale graphics and it has got some brain scratching puzzles which will surely test your puzzle solving skills. All in all LIMBO is a critically acclaimed game with some awe-inspiring puzzles.

Game features:

  • Impressive 2D side scrolling adventure game.
  • Need to save a boy from different deadly obstacles and monsters.
  • Boy move forward as well as backwards.
  • Can make the boy to jump upwards and downwards.
  • Can climb on walls, ladders and ropes.
  • Simple controls.
  • Addicting game.
  • Some very impressive and teasing puzzles included.
  • Awesome brain testing game.

Note: One of the best thing about the game is its simplicity. Whole game is made up of two colors: black and white


LIMBO – Trailer