Lava Hound Electro Dragon Deck

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Hi Guys Lava Hound Electro Dragon Deck Arena 11+ Aaqib Javed is back with another Lava Hound Electro Dragon Deck Arena 11+ guide This time I am going to share Lava Hound Electro Dragon Deck Arena 11+ This Lava Hound Electro Dragon Deck Arena 11+ is very good for throphies pushing and Electro Dragon is a very powerfull card along with Lava Hound This Lava Hound Electro Dragon Deck Arena 11+ has Balloon as win Condition, Mega Minions and Minions for support and Guards for defence so come and take a look at this Lava Hound Electro Dragon Deck Arena 11+ guide

Lava Hound Electro Dragon Deck

Lava Hound Electro Dragon Deck Arena 11+

Lava Hound Electro Dragon Deck Arena 11+ Card Role:

  1. Lava Hound: Main card in your deck.You have to deploy your Hound behind the tower. Make sure your Hound reaches the Tower without splitting into Lava Pups. if your opoonent plays Inferno Tower  to counter your Lava Hound  distract ixt with your Minions or reset it with zap and One thing keep in mind You must be careful when placing the Lava Hound down. I suggest you only drop your lava hound when you have 10 elixr so you have leftover to defend with Guards and Minions Check Out Here Top 7 Lava Hound Deck 2018 Arena 8+
  2. Minions This will be both a defense and offense card. For the offensive, it’s useful for backing up your balloon and taking out any counters. I like to wait until the enemy places his counter down before I reveal the minions. It’s also useful if you don’t have enough elixr to place a balloon, it’s possible that the minions will deal just as much damage. It’s also very useful for baiting out inferno towers, or any other buildings places on the middle.
  3. Balloon This is your second win condition Its got buff in recent balance changes So Balloon does an incredible amount of damage and ranks very high for HP but it is woefully underused by players at every level  andMost people will try to counter this with defensive buildings. I always attack the opposite side from where they deploy tanks or defensive buildings. I also try to never send this alone. Check Out Here Top 9 Clash Royale Best Balloon Decks 2018 Arena 8+ Balloon Decks
  4. Electro Dragon:  Electro dragon is a very card for beat down decks because  you can use it to support the tank from units like inferno tower or inferno also a great counter to swarm based units Like Minions Horde , Goblin Gang, Minions, Goblins Etc Etc because it can target three units at once.
  5. Mega Minion – As yarn said from Oj This Card should be in every deck and this is The main damage dealer of this deck, used mainly as a defensive card turned offensive ( runner ). Great for killing ground units and small troops your opponent might use to kill your hog. Its ability to one shot minions and lavapups make it really good against lavahound.
  6. Guards: Guards are always one of the best defensive units in Clash Royale due to their good DpS, low Elixir cost and especially their shields and some Top players using this Card In their Decks I usually use Guards to kite air troops like Mega Minions
  7. Fireball: 4 elixir spell that is good defensively and offensively No need to expailn
  8. Zap One of the best cards in the game. Can be used to reset charges from the prince, dark prince, and sparky. Also stops any troops in their tracks giving you that extra second to kill. Great at taking out large groups of soft troops such as goblins, spear goblins, minons, and minion horde. Also usable on the offensive to get troops to re target on your hound


Lava Hound Electro Dragon Deck Arena 11+ Gameplay:

First of all this Lava Hound Electro Dragon Deck Arena 11+ is really good at countering most cards the opponent will throw at you. The Mega Minions, Minions, Guards and Bats should be primarily be used for defense but these cards has a very good transition to offense and the Electro Dragon when the opponent has a pekka or a giant. Electro Dragon is also my main defensive Condition Against Big Tanks


The Mega Minions is good against heavy troops Like Pekka Giant and Golem its become my win condition in offence and when counter attacking with Lava Hound + Balloon + Electro Dragon also The fireball is perfect for Minions hordes of enemies or the barbarians The Zap are for the Bats or goblins. 

This Lava Hound Electro Dragon Deck Arena 11+ shines in  Double Elixir start  because you can make very huge push in double elixir time which will definetly gives you one or three crown win so make these pushes in double elixir time

  1. Lava hound+Balloon+Mega Minion(be ready with Fireball or Electro Dragon )
  2. Lava Hound+ Electro Dragon + Bats
  3. Lava Hound+ Balloon + Mega Minions and Bats

These three Push is very good in x2 elixir time because if you will go for 3rd one push you will get at least 1 crown if play properly always use Zap on Bats

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So guys this was the Lava Hound Electro Dragon Deck Arena 11+ guide I hope you liked it and this Lava Hound Electro Dragon Deck Arena 11+ guide helps you to Reached 4k throphies. If you have any questions about the  or the Lava Hound Electro Dragon Deck Arena 11+, don’t hesitate to ask in the comments.