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Clash of Clan August 2016 Update

Supercell’s “Clash of Clans” remains to be the most wanted game online, this is despite the flawed updates that the team has released in the past. According to reports, Supercell is gearing for another “Clash of Clans” update soon and it will include new defense systems, nerfs, buffs and more.

The next “Clash of Clans” patch will nerf dominant units indirectly but this case won’t be the same all throughout. We know that balancing is not easy and the same struggle will be felt in the “CoC” gameplay.


Better Town Hall Leveling coming?

Clash of Clan August 2016 Update

Last month, Supercell introduced new levels for Giants and Archer Towers though they were limited to players who had Town Hall levels at level 11. With that said, there were some who failed to enjoy that improvements made though the next updates could change all that.

Neurogadget hints that the next patch may introduce new features to players with Town Hall levels 1 to 10. There could be tweaks in the form of new structures and more troops for the players who have not reached level 11.

Aside from the attacks, defenses and buildings, the most important improvement is the stability of the game. “Clash of Clans” gamers have experienced glitches that hamper game performance, so a potential fix is widely expected.

While balancing the ‘clans’ is something to look forward to, it will be interesting what Supercell has done to make it all happen. ‘Witches’ and ‘Bowlers’ are being singled out as units to look out for with many assuming that these two have been buffed.

Clash of Clan August 2016 Update

Clash of Clan August 2016 Update

The stats of characters will likely be among the new changes for “Clash of Clans” in an effort to level the playing field. Unlike previous updates, the new changes may offer something different. Hence, the traditional nerf on units may be done in a different way.

Aside from the nerfs that many “Clash of Clans” gamers are hoping for, the issue on housing may be also forthcoming. Specifics have been held out for now though a staff from Supercell allegedly claims that a new sort of defense is expected from the string of updates on the horizon.

 Clash of Clan August 2016 Update…..