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Hey Guys Join our Free Clash Royale Tournament

Free clash royale tournament Clash Royale Tournament Feature has come to light and after the July update, it has been officially applied. As expected, thousands of tournaments were created in the first day free clash royale tournament

However, despite the fact that some tournaments do not reach the participants limitation yet, people find it struggle with joining these tours free clash royale tournament

Lots of players are complaining that they can’t join any Tournament, even there are still lots of slots left free clash royale tournament


free tournament

free tournament No. 5


There are tons of players searching and joining Tournaments every single second. If you can’t join any fresh Tournament, It’s because you are not fast enough guys

Tournament Name: Hamilton 1

Status: Ended

Tournament tag: #80LGRCG

Password: hamilton

Length: 8hrs

Prize: 30 Cards

Number of players: 100

Date: 14 August  2016   India,Delhi


 Another tourney will be start tomorrow

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