join clash royale tournament

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Join clash royale tournament

Clash Royale Tournament feature is available from the experience level 8. Joining a Clash Royale Tournament is very hard from the launch of the Tournament feature. But still there are some tips you can follow to get into a tournament easily. These secrets are unknown to most of the players who are facing trouble to get into a Clash Royale Tournament. But those gamers, who has already known this secret, will find it much more easier. join clash royale tournament
join clash royale tournament
Now you might be wondering, what is this secret? Here we go! join clash royale tournament
At the very beginning moment of opening the Tournament tab, the game had asked you to allow access to your location if you still remember it. So that the game uses your location to display the nearest tournaments. Sometimes this can make you miss the other big tournaments that are happening on a different location. The first thing you need to do, is to stop the game accessing your location.  join clash royale tournament

Join clash royale tournament

To do this – join clash royale tournament
If you are on iOS
  • Go to Settings
  • Scroll down and find out Clash Royale
  • Tap on Clash Royale and make it “never” from “when using this app”
If you are on Android
  • Go to settings
  • Go to Installed Apps
  • Find out Clash Royale on that list
  • Tap on it and open the permission manager.
  • Uncheck the “Allow Access” location. (This function may vary according to various devices)
join clash royale tournament So, this was the first thing you needed to do first. Now there is something you need to know. join clash royale tournament
All tournaments are full even though the you see some spaces, right? Even if you see a tournament with 80/100 but you cant join, right? Its because others have already joined and the roster is full. But You still can join that. What you have to do is, keep tapping on the “join” button as fast as you can for some minutes.
If you are lucky enough you will get into that tournament easily. Now you might be thinking how this actually works? This is not a magic! People from every tournament leaves due to many reasons, so you’ll just get into that place. The best thing is, this happens all time! join clash royale tournament
So just take a deep breath and get ready for playing more tournaments! join clash royale tournament
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