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Battle Champs vs Clash of Clans


Clash Of Clans  Wants You To Defeat Other Players  Battle Champs Wants Players To Work Together 


The whole point of “Clash of Clans” is to go into battle at almost every turn. This is not the case with “Battle Champs”, where players can work together to defeat a much larger opponent Battle Champs

In “Giant Battles”, up to 200 players can gang up on a powerful enemy. The “Battle Champs” players can discuss strategy through chat and collaborate to gain points as a team. So while “Clash of Clans” encourages PVP, the new Japanese game promotes teamwork.

Collaborative play is not the only thing that sets “Battle Champs” apart from “Clash of Clans“. The new game also gives a player’s troops an identity of their own

Battle Champs Better then Clash of Clans 


Find below the huge improvements that BlazeGames introduce in  that will surely convince you why it’s better than “Clash of Clans.”

1. More interesting troops – While “Clash of Clans” introduced brainless barbarians, It made their troops unique. Each has its own strength and weakness, and can be evolved into a more powerful form.

2. You can without PVP – If you want to enjoy the game on your own,It allows you to do so. While a PVP setting makes you more competitive, it can also be daunting. So without PvP, you can explore and its airship upgrades, troops, avatar upgrades and more.

3. More cooperative gameplay – “Clash of Clans” promotes competition because it encourages players to join a clan and fight against the enemy. there’s an innovative Giant Battles where up to 200 players can work together against an enormous enemy. Although you won’t see the other players, you will all share activated buff and they stack.

4. Greater unit controls – In “Clash of Clans” players have minimal control when they deploy the unit, which can be daunting, especially if you wish that the troop has gone to another direction. It allows you to do this. It has a guide button to control your unit to attack a specific area.

5. Commander Nia – Nia will be your avatar  She is equipped with abilities to summon troops at your disposal. In addition, just like a real commander, Nia fight alongside our troops.


Battle Champs Launch Trailer