How to Improve Pubg Mobile Skills

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Hi Guys Today I will Talk about How to Improve Pubg Mobile Skills | Become a Pro Pubg Mobile Guide is shared by axepert007 This How to Improve Pubg Mobile Skills | Become a Pro Pubg Mobile Guide includes drop location, Choosing your best weapon, Watch for the Blue and Red Zones in the Map and Learn to hide so come and take a look at this How toImprove Pubg Mobile Skills guide 

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Improve Pubg Mobile Skills

How to Improve Pubg Mobile Skills | Become a Pro Pubg Mobile Guide

PUBG Mobile has over 50 millions download on android and this number is increasing daily. With so many players against you, you need to improve your game-play, use strategies, use baits, and do a lot more things to get the Chicken Dinner.


If you still are a newbie, you need to know about the game real fast. Learn about the rules, maps, weapons range and mechanics, places where you can find good loot and the other funny things you can do in the game.

Pubg Mobile Choosing your drop location:

For new players, it may be very hard to decide where to jump. An area with high concentration of equipment seems very tempting, but involves greater risk too. The areas with high-grade loot on Erangel are: Georgopol Shipping Yard, Novoreponye Crates, Mylta Power, School, Sosnovka Military base. On Miramar: Hancienda del Patron, San Martin, Pecado, El Pozo, Los Leones. If you’re still learning the game, it is a good idea to stay out of these places.

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Choosing your Weapon: ( PUBG Mobile Weapon Full Guide 2018 )

PUBG has 9 ARs, 9 Snipers, 4 SMGs, 4 Shotguns, 4 Pistols, 1 Revolver, 2 Machine Guns and 4 Melee weapons. Players always have their personal views on use of weapons. Here’s few comparisons that would help players for a better game-play.

Assault Rifles: They are arguably the most versatile weapon type in the game, allowing you to practice precision in any distance. If you have a sub-machine gun in your bag and come across SCAR-L or M416 swap it for these. These two rifles offer some of the best precision and damage per shot in their class, and are very reliable early on.

Sniper Rifles: Once you feel comfortable going for head shots, you can opt to learn sniper rifles next. Camping has its pros and cons – you are likely to get caught while waiting for enemies, so you need to change positions often. Using sniper rifles requires a good knowledge of good locations. Kar98K is easily available through out the maps. But the air-dropped AWM is the best.

Sub-machine Guns: If you didn’t find any Assault Rifle, these would be your next preference. It is better to carry one of these rather than going empty handed or just a pistol. These have moderate range and damage and can’t solely help you survive.

Shotguns: Shotguns provide the most reliable damage, though only when extremely up close;  it’s useful to have an S686 or S1897 (the former boasts a better fire-rate and range but lower clip) before you enter a house. Again its helpful to have one of these, but you need to be extremely precise.How toImprove Pubg Mobile Skills 

Pistols: Of course the pistol has the least preference, but do have one of these rather going empty handed. The R1895 has the highest base damage and can be deadly when used properly.

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PUBG Mobile Weapon Guide 2018
Beginners Guide to Getting PUBG Chicken Dinners Full Guide

Watch for the Blue and Red Zones in the Map

Blue Zones represent restricted areas that will make the map smaller as the game progresses. These are electrified fields of death, and should be avoided at all times. Keep an eye on the timer and make your way to the safe zone before the blue line closes in on you.  Red Zones are areas marked for bombing. Be sure to be aware of them throughout the match.

Learn to hide

While the typical mindset is to seek shelter in houses or enclosed spaces, you should pay attention to every bush and shrub you pass by in the game.How to Improve Pubg Mobile Skills 

The massive map allows players to get creative in stalking enemies, so be on alert for anything that moves. It is possible to tuck yourself in a bush while crouching and camp there if you’re wearing equipment or clothing that acts as camouflage, particularly the Ghillie Suit. Bear in mind that there is no way to tell if any hostiles are nearby, so make sure you learn to use your surroundings to your advantage early on.

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PUBG Mobile Weapon Guide 2018
Beginners Guide to Getting PUBG Chicken Dinners Full Guide

Almost always close the door (watch for houses and buildings with open doors)

When you enter a house or a building, it is generally a good idea to close the door behind you. This is to prevent other players from knowing that someone is inside. Likewise, get ready with a gun when you enter a house or building with a open door.

Mobility – Key to Survival

If you haven’t spotted the player who shot you, it is best to run for cover first and patch yourself up. At the moment of being hit, run for shelter (a tree, behind a rock, or to the other room) in a zigzag motion first.

You’ll get your chance to take out your shooter if you’re still alive. Note that in order to properly execute this strategy, it is important to learn how to keep moving while dragging items to your inventory to use.

Unequip your weapon to move faster if you’re out of bullets and being fired at. This tactic is also useful when running from the blue circle in the map.

Use baits to trap Enemies

When you are acquainted to the game, you can use baits such as: Air-dropped crates, Bots, knocked out players to kill others. If you happen to come across an air drop, instead of rushing for it, wait for others to come and you can finish them.

PUBG Mobile also contains bots to ease new players into the game, but you can use them to find location of other players and kill them. If you suspect presence of any other player near you and luckily a bot appears, let others kill it and you will be in advantage.

In Squad mode, don’t kill knocked out players, instead let their teammates come to revive and you can finish all.

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