Clash Royale Ram Rider Draft Challenge Guide

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Hi guys today I am going to talk about How to Win Brawl Stars Challenge. You can get 250 Gems from this Brawl Stars Challenge First off, you need to take something into note. This is not touchdown and this is not regular Clash Royale. Throw those principles out of the window because this is an entirely different gamemode.

Brawl Stars Challenge

How to Win Brawl Stars Challenge



Now then, pack it up pack it in and go to your first match. It’s a draft, so you may wonder what to pick. Here are a few tips, but remember, you make the final move. You know what you gave them and what you have, so make sure to factor those into your decision.

  • Always pick Shelly (hunter)

Bo (magic archer) sucks. There’s no heads or tails about it, Bo just sucks. It deals so little damage and will usually not be able to get a good angle, and most importantly it costs 4 damn elixir. Bo can’t even deal with swarms well since he takes so long to retarget due to the nerf. If you’re forced with Bo, don’t panic, but keep a mental note that they have Shelly.

Now, you may say that Bo can stay back and deal damage, and sure, but a tank killer that is also an air tank killer, is just invaluable. Especially when they have no tower. If they try to place a valk on Shelly, the valk actually loses because Shelly just has so much dps up close. She’s not even that bad at cleaning up swarms, and I would definitely favour that at clearing up a minion horde than Bo.

Quick note that they are no different from the regular hunter or magic archer, and even appear as those in the replay menu.

  • Avoid buildings unless the situation specifically calls for it.

More often than not a building will not be in the choice, but if you get to choose between a cannon or a sparky, always take the sparky. Again, this is not regular Clash Royale, and buildings aren’t that useful as you will see in the next point.

  • Avoid units that focus buildings (i.e. giant, royal giant, etc.)*

In this gamemode, a troop on the field is worth an infinite amount if it can attack anything. You can win this gamemode by merely placing skeletons and your opponent not dropping anything. In other words, there are no towers that can output an infinite amount of damage and will always be there. With this in mind, a troop that’s left alive is a troop nonetheless and can still take out enemy troops, but a giant will simply focus their safe.

*Balloon is an exception as explained in the next point.

  • Pick air units.

At the end of the day, this is still a draft. And in drafts, units that need an answer work out a lot better, since your opponent might not have that answer. One of these types are air units. Obviously, your opponent will have Bo (magic archer) or Shelly (hunter) which both target air, but you can go in when they have those out of cycle with a minion horde or balloon and potentially get a lot of value on offense or defense.

  • Pick swarm units.

Following up on the air unit bit, skeleton army is insanely good on defense AND offense. You generally don’t have an answer like poison or arrows since they might not even come up, or you specifically chose it yourself to make sure they didn’t have it. On defense, they are so good because of, well, the reason why bait works. Swarmy cards are squishy, but have really high DPS. Note, that this also includes witch, since she can stack up skeletons that won’t just be dealt with by a tower.

Now, you may go “oh yeah it’s great on defense whatever they’ll counter it easily.” Is that really true though? Remember, this isn’t normal Clash Royale! Knight can deal with a skeleton army, if it’s helped by a tower that is. No tower, and that knight will be demolished by the sheer numbers. The next point is basically in response to this:

  • Pick splash units (especially splanks)

There aren’t a whole lot of splash units. You may not even see a splash unit in your game at all. If you see a princess or baby dragon or witch, take it. It’s the difference between holding back a minion horde and losing. With this in mind, if you know your opponent has a lot of swarms, bomb tower isn’t a terrible choice. It’s not a good one, but in the situation where you might have to draw, it can save your arse. Note, that this does include sparky, especially sparky. They’re a defensive god if used right.

  • Pick cards that must be answered and aren’t easy to answer efficiently without a tower or without the right spell

What I mean here, are cards like royal ghost and bandit. Cheap enough to where you can place it without worrying, but get enough value by slaying some of their units for good value. The main thing is that there’s no real way for your opponent to stop them from getting a hit on something, especially the royal ghost. With a tower, you can generally counter bandit and royal ghost with an ice golem for a positive trade, but ice golem just gets taken out for free now.

To further on the other part, cards like princess, dart goblin, and flying machine can sit back and get insane value when they don’t have the right cards. Many pros have said that a princess while on the field is worth a lot more than 3 elixir. Her value is undermined by the fact that there’s no tower to outrange, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t still really good on defense. You might think that this justifies picking Bo, but their damage is just garbage for their cost.

  • Pick tanks that attack regular units

Mega knight, pekka, royal recruits, heck even giant skeleton will deal with their push, then be a strong counter push taking out their units. Having really strong defensive capabilities is extremely helpful when you don’t have a tower to rely on. There’s not a whole lot else to say about this, since it’s effectively the opposite of the third tip.

  • Pick lightning and zap to take out key targets quickly.

Alright, hear me out. This might sound really weird, but it makes sense once you think about it. Your opponent WILL have one 4 elixir troop that dies to lightning, and when you’re pushing, they will probably be just sitting there getting insane value. It might even be their only way to effectively deal with air. Lightning’s radius can help you get really good value with it too. It’s a card that you’ll want to use to snipe down those pesky troops that sit back and ruin your push.

Now, you may say “why not pick a troop?” When you’re that deep in there, by the time the troop actually gets there, the damage might already be done, or the push dies out by then. They can also just place a unit to cut off your incoming support. When you need that Shelly down right this second, lightning is the only thing that can do it.

Other spells are too slow or won’t kill. It’s important that you actually kill the unit, as you have no tower to finish off that 1 hp musketeer or they might be behind the vault avoiding any interactions with enemy units. Zap is just a lightning for weaker units like spear goblins.

Now then, you have your deck constructed, and hopefully your opponent didn’t screw you over too badly. What now?

Your mission is to defeat a building where a king tower would be, that has 10k hp, called the safe. It’s REALLY tanky. Quickly take a note that you can’t place troops on their side of the field. Hence why building attackers aren’t so good, since they have to waltz their way allllll the way over there.

Anyway, you got 4 cards in your hand and the elixir is pumping in. What should you do?

  • Don’t leak elixir

For some reason, the elixir seems to come at 2x speed even at the start, and if your opponent doesn’t place anything, by the time they react you’ll be 2 elixir ahead. Start with a tank that attacks like royal recruits, or a ranged unit like bo. This is probably a bug so once this gets fixed, it’s entirely up to you.

  • Play air units to help support your push in the middle, not near the bridge

Obviously, if the enemy units are on your side or near the bridge, it makes sense to place them there. But the fastest way to go to the safe is a bee line forward. This is especially important when placing a balloon.

  • You don’t have to play every card in your deck

This is a huge thing that even if I tell you, you’ll probably still go and place everything. Giant isn’t that good in this mode, so if there’s no reason to place him, then just don’t. You can win without showing your entire deck off to the opponent. Instincts might have you place a giant in the back, but you really don’t have to do that.

  • Try to sit back as long as you can

Think of it this way. Golem push with equal elixir and a tower helping out? Hard to defend. Golem push with an elixir advantage and a tower helping out? Extremely hard to defend, usually better to just sac the tower. Golem push with an elixir advantage and no towers in sight? Might as well just toss the phone away.

  • Understand their deck and take advantage of what they have trouble dealing with

It’s as simple as placing a balloon when they have no air counter in cycle. In draft challenge, it’s just a lot easier and more prevalent. Just sub in things that need an answer, like minion horde when they have no splash unit.

  • Don’t be afraid of sacrificing some safe hp

Even with the toughest of times, that safe has 10k hp. For reference, a princess tower only has a quarter of that. Even if you’re being overwhelmed, that safe will still be able to tank for a good amount of time. Remember that it won’t shoot at them, so it’s better to lose 3k hp and have their push dealt with, than to sacrifice units to hold back a pekka and end up losing the entire game.

  • Don’t be afraid to draw

Sometimes, you might just get the short end of the stick and have no feasible way to break through what they have. Don’t start escalating things, you’ll just be at an elixir disadvantage and they’ll ruin your day with a giant counterpush. If you can’t break through, after 3 minutes of back and forth, and know you won’t be able to destroy them, just play for the draw.

All of this said and done, this is just a guideline. I wouldn’t really worry too much about this all things considered, since it is just 10 gems to retry and the chest you get is a classic challenge 1:1 (so if you lose at 6 wins, it’s as if you only got 6 wins in a classic challenge, which is solid value for 10 gems).

It is also just meant as a fun challenge so don’t lose your cool over it and just have a bit of fun with it. The rewards are pretty good and you’re almost guaranteed to get your money’s worth even if you lose a ton with all the gems that you’ll get. It’s 250 gems total, so you’d have to lose about 78 times to be at a point of breaking even, not including all the chests you’ll get.

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Anyway, I hope this guide helps you out with this strange gamemode to get the 9 wins and reel in all those good ol’ gems. If you’re still reading to this point, I hope you have a nice day today!