How to use zap

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Hey everyone, Today We are talking about Zap

What is Zap Spell ?

How to use zap

How to use zap

Zaps enemies, briefly stunning them and dealing damage inside a small radius. Reduced damage to Crown Towers.”


How to use zap 

It’s a low cost spell with instant cast time that inflicts damage in a small radius


The Zap is unlocked from the Spell Valley (Arena 5)How to use zap 


It stands out from the rest of the spells because it can stun troops and buildings
Unlike arrows, it has a much smaller radius
It’s still an effective spell due to its low cost.It can 1 shot Skeletons, Goblins and Firespirits
Zap is the hard counter to the Goblin Barrel, if the Goblins are 1 level higher than the Zap.They’ll survive with a sliver of health Zap is great against Minion Horde

If your opponent plants a Cannon reactively against your Hog.It takes 3 swings to take out the Cannon

But if you Zap the Cannon, it reduces this to 2 swings.And preserves your Hog for 1 extra second
Long enough to strike their Arena Tower once.Knowing Zap allows the Hog to take out a Cannon in 2 shots
The Zap provides insane value
How to use zap

How to use zap

The Musketeers are machine guns.What you need to do is quick drop FireSpirits
Followed by Zap with almost no delay inbetween
Here’s a tip to pull that off, hold the Fire Spirits with your left finger
Hover over where the 3 Musketeers will be.Pre-select Zap with your right finger
Then tap with your left finger to deploy Fire Spirits and Zap in quick succession 9 elixir for 4
That’s a huge positive elixir trade

Finally the Zap cycled back in time to take out the Arena Tower for the win.

The Zap radius may be small.But when aimed properly, it can be used to its fullest potential
The Zap was very reactive
If you noticed your opponent is consistently using Barbarians to counter your Hog
You can use a prediction Fireball, followed by the Zap to finish off the Barbarians