lava hound deck

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How to Reached Legendary Arena after using Lava hound Hey guys today we are talking about how to play with lava hound.

The Lava Hound is one of the most favourite  legendary cards in Arena 4 and 5 , Have you tried using the Lava Hound lava hound deck??

lava Hound Deck in Legendary Arena along with the Sparky and the Miner. It is the earliest legendary card that you can get in game since it is unlocked at Arena 4. It is a tanky flying troop that targets buildings and costs 7 elixir.


Similar with the Golem, the Lava Hound also splits up once it dies. The Lava Hound splits up into 6 Lava pups, similar to the Minion Horde. However, these Lava pups now targets ground and air units and not just buildings compared to its first form.


How to Use lava Hound Deck in Legendary Arena


Treat your Lava Hound as a tank that will almost always reach the tower, and also as a component of an AOE test. The weak link is your ground troops being on their own against their ground melee troops. Your Lava Hound will likely be able to absorb ground ranged attacks so that isn’t a concern for your troops


Best Lava Hound Deck

lava hound deck

lava hound deck

  • The most-loved air combo from Clash of Clans is now possible in Clash Royale.
  • The Lava Hound is your main tank in this deck. First you have to put elixir pump then go for big push with Lava Hound + Princess and minions.
  • Use inferno for defence on Royal Giant if you don’t have Inferno Tower in hand then you can use Mini Pekka instead of Inferno Tower,
  • Goblins are also best for defense if you opponent dosen’t have Zap
  • Use Zap spell on Minions,spear Goblins,Goblins,Zap is also valuable for discharg to Sparkey and Inferno Tower.
  • The best thing is  in this deck you can use Mini Pekka + Minions and Mini Pekka + Goblins for a big push.
  • You can use the Minion Horde instead for better defense against other big push decks at the cost of a higher elixir cost during a push.

Weekness in this deck

This deck is pretty weak to Three Musketeer decks (Poison is too slow), somewhat weak to P/DP, Pekka/P/DP decks. ust like any other big Clash Royale decks, the main challenge is dealing with an Inferno Tower.

.You will also have a difficulty pushing their way to the towers if there is a lot of air troops to counter them.

Once you have analyzed the cards of your opponent, make sure to be careful in dropping yours to fully defend your base.