how to use ice spirit

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How to use ice spirit

Hey everyone,Today we are talking about use and counter ice spirit
The ice spirit is a good utility card when paired with other units For 1 elixir , it can be used to cycle your deck
Compliment your push Or assist in defending your tower Ice spirit has a 2.5 tile attack range
While as the fire spirits has a 2 tile attack range.

Ice spirit vs Fire Spirit



How to Use and Counter Ice Spirit



If the ice spirit goes head to head with the fire spirit, it’ll attack first.Ice spirit have more HP than fire spirits
They’re able to tank 1 hit from most of the medium sized units.They completely shut down lone archers or spear goblins for a positive elixir trade
Place the ice spirit behind your tower.It’ll jump onto the miner.For 1 elixir, it’ll ensure correct prediction for those clutch moments
Like fire spirits, the ice spirit are a very dynamic card that can be paired with most cards to create a destructive combo.

Use ice spirit to discharge

The freeze mechanic of the ice spirit acts as a stun mechanic from zap.It can be reused to reset the aggro on units
If she’s(sparkey) already fully charged.You can still sacrifice ice spirit to tank a sparky blast
Just like zap, if you freeze and xbow or mortar.It’ll cause them to retarget to the nearest unit
If you’re a bit too slow planting a tower against the Royale Giant.For the cost of 1 elixir, you can fix that mistake
It’s also very effective if they zap your inferno since the freeze last 2 full seconds
It’s very handy agains the prince and the dark prince.Since the ice spirit has a 2.5 attack range
They’ll freeze the prince right in his track, disarming his charge strength Against the dark prince

Use to distract

You can pull units such as mini p.e.k.k.a To extend the distance they have to walk towards your tower
Just like zap, against minion.They leave them at critical health
Combining the spirit and the spell proves to be a deadly combo .The ice spirit splash radius is incredible useful
Against the giant balloon combo, it freezes Both the units long enough for the inferno tower to deal massive damage
Ice spirits are also great for cleaning up units that are low on health
When countering a mini p.e.k.k.a with your own mini p.e.k.k.a.A perfectly timed ice spirit will allow your mini p.e.k.k.a to walk away unscathed.The lava pups have an interesting spawn mechanic.If the ice spirit lands the last hit
All 6 pups will remain frozen.The same principal applies to zap.All lava pumps will be stunned but takes no damage
It’s better to zap the pups directly

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