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Hey everyone today we will talk about how to counter Fire siprit
How to Use and Counter Fire Spirits
They can be used for both offence and defense .They’re very good against small units just
in 2 Elixir so first of all let’s see hoe to counter it
Fire Spirit is very good against small units and hordes and it has  a 2 tile splash radius
Fire spirits have a very fast move speed Which means they’re the perfect card to push slower units towards the tower faster.Fire spirits also a great unit to use for a pig push.
Counter Fire Spirits

How to Use and Counter Fire Spirits

It protects the hog from horde units

How to Use and Counter Fire Spirits


They’re especially good if your opponent only counter to a hog are barbarians
Against the balloon, the massive burst damage can come in handy
Fire spirits are great defensively and depend on a lot of placement and positioning
You can surround the sparky with fire spirits if she’s fully charged
Fire spirits have low health and because of the 1 second deploy time
Planting them on certain units will cause them to be taken out before they can do any damage
Units you’ll want to pull are barbs, mini p.e.k.k.a and valkyrie
Pulling them will force them to extend the path they take to your tower
Fire spirits are even better when paired with another unit
When paired withe a mini p.e.k.k.a
They create a fire shield that takes care of a lot of the smaller units
Letting the mini p.e.k.k.a go straight to the tower
The fire spirits can also push the mini p.e.k.k.a towards the tower a little faster
If you have a good read on your opponent you can preemptively plant down some fire spirits for some value
Minions can be used to distract the inferno tower from targeting bigger units
If you plant the inferno tower further back, you can plant fire spirits in the front to take care of the minions
You can’t ignore a princess for too long or she’ll rack up massive damage onto the towers
If your opponents small units to go for your princess
You can pre-plant fire spirits to allow her to keep chipping away at the tower
And force your opponents to spend higher cost units to take care of her
How to Counter Fire Spirits
 How to Use and Counter Fire Spirits

How to Use and Counter Fire Spirits

Fire spirits can be directly counter with spells such as zap or arrows
You can use a tank or mini tank to absorb fire spirits
In a pinch you can use small units such as skeletons or goblins to absorb the fire spirits as well

Fire spirits can be counter by musketeer 


There are many different and creative way to use them to fit your play style
Spirits are a high risk, high reward card
 how to use fire spirit ,how tocounter fire spirit