How To Max Builder Base Fast 2018

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Hi Guys today we will talk about How To Max Builder Base Fast and  This How To Max Builder Base Fast guide is for all those people who want to play builder hall, and eventually max out, but want to avoid getting frustrated like I did when I first started, and who prioritize avoiding frustration over absolute speed so come and take a look at this How To Max Builder Base Fast guide

Max Builder Base Fast

How To Max Builder Base Fast | Best Way to Max Builder Hall Fast

Rush your builder hall as much as possible. This maximizes your offense compared to your peers and raises the trophy level at which you can compete (and thus your income).

At each new BH level, prioritize offense. What do you need to do in order to get another camp? Sometimes this means building a storage upgrade first, rather than a defense.


Don’t max every troop; instead max a few key ones and backfill later if you ever have idle lab time. If you pick an endgame troop combo you can probably use barbs up to the point where you can unlock and start leveling up those troops.

Max the clock tower. This is basically your only defense against archer tricklers.

Leave battle machine at 5 unless/until you don’t have anything better to spend elixir/builder on. Getting the ability is important but beyond hat not critical unless you plan to trophy push (see next step). At level 5 his regenerate time is in line with BH6-BH8 camp build time.

Don’t trophy push. Stay at a point where you can win 3 in a row to get your loot, and then use the rest of your boost time to drop trophies with a FWA-like base. During clan games, use your FWA-like base to drop trophies as you do quests.

As your offense and defense improves, the point where you can sit and farm weaker bases will rise higher and higher. Once that point hits 5k there’s no point in increasing it because your loot is already maxed. There are many advantages to holding your trophy level artificially low:

you can pound out your three loot attacks, you can easily get percentage quests in clan games, you rarely feel the agony of defeat, and you can attack with a key defense down/upgrading without losing five in a row.

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