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 legendary arena  Hey Guys today we talking about how to get legendary arena  in few days legendary arena 

1.Find a comfortable deck





First you have to find a deck that you’re really comfortable playing you
should just find that one deck and stick to the deck but also make sure that deck
fits into the metagame because yes guys that are Deck that stuck out there and
there’s a reason why everyone runs roll  Hog+Mini PEKKA
nowadays when you’re building this deck is best ability deck around your kill
factor and then switch out one to two cards at a time depending on what your
deck needs or is lacking when you’re super comfortable with your deck this
allows you to play by habit,legendary arena 
playing what habit gives you the edge over your opponent because you just know
what to do you see some Barbarians boom fireball and Royale Giant incoming you set  up Cannon,Mini PEKKA and boom defended properly
we’re able to do this you’re then able to allocate your mental resources to
focus on your opponent because that means you can start tracking their
lectures start tracking their guard cycle does he play his miner on the right
side does he play his miner on left side.
 You’re able to just know and see these things without thinking too much
legendary arena
 legendary arena 
 let’s look at a real life Example with the JASON deck  JASON was the winner
of the first-ever tournament hosted by supercell now in my opinion why Jason
won the tournament was because he knew his deck inside and out in an interview
he said he played over 1,000 games with his deck because of this he was able to
recognize favorable and unfavorable matchups in knowing this allowed him to
either play more aggressive or defensive alongside the fact that he played this
deck and ladder against hot people higher level than him with better cards
probably when you put them into a tournament setting with tournament cats
it’s clear why he steamrolled that tournament without dropping a single
game,legendary arena 
 legendary arena 

2.Second Tip –  Proper mindset


 The Second tip that have for you guys is having a proper mindset and with any
competitive game and Don’t put a lot of stress on your mind and your body 
when you lose a bunch of games in a row you don’t know
 really what’s going on your kind of just not feeling the game and you making a
bunch of this place and how you’re able to manage the stress will determine how
well you performed during the game and having a proper mindset is real
important because when it comes to fast paced game like last rail where
split-second decisions can either win or lose you at the game
you have to remain calm and collected so a good way i like to get myself warmed
up and having the proper mindset in Clash Royale is I just hope into either a
friendly battle or check TV royal for some replay,legendary arena 

3. Third Tip – learning the meta


Third tips I have for you guys is learning the meta and the meta meta game wherever you guys want to
call it is essentially was popular good that everyone’s using the metal will
usually ship with each patch update that rebalances the troops troops can be
indirectly buffed a nerff,legendary arena 
based on other troops getting buffs or nurffs for example if there’s a nerve to
defensive buildings like cannon it indirectly buffs like hogs and Royale Giants
when you start paying attention to the metagame you’ll begin to notice trendy
cars or what i like to call flavor of the month
such examples would be like the rise in the popularity of mini Pekka due to it
being really good against Hogs,Royale Giants miners and golems

4. Fourth tips – Basic knowledge


Fourth tip I have for you guys is basic knowledge and I know this one
seems a little silly but I included it anyways
learn the basics of luxuries what efficiently oh just some quick example
the tournament cap about kill  take a Barb’s fireball kill
barb that one HP remains princess takes two hits to kill goblins and Minions, Hog
takes three hits the kill cannon it’s just like really simple basic things like
these is really important to note because once you know these things are
able to defend really easy because you can just drop like whatever you need to
defend.legendary arena 

5. Last tip – Never Giveup!


I have last tip for you guys it’s kind of cheesy but play to the end
never giveup don’t stop on stop have that kind of mentality because like I
honestly see a lot of people rage quit if they have a bad start loser tower or
make a bunch of this place
we should honestly keep playing till the better end every time
like many times you can catch your opponent to be a very overconfident 
that time you can make a big push.legendary arena 

  how to get legendary Arena,legendary arena tips,legendary card

Note: Additionally a lot of people say you should take a break if you go on a big
 losing streak  personally I’m really against this because you’re not going to get better see
without by playing less if you do feel guilt it you should be going into your
replays and analyzing why you lost or even jumping into some friendly battles 
I really hope you guys enjoyed it
hopefully these tips will get you guys into legendary you know because i like
pretty much for most players like that is like the end goal of this game,legendary arena



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