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Hi Guys Today We Will See How to Download Canadian PUBG Mobile outside of Canada so Downloading the Canadian version is a different matter, with it only being available on the actual Android App Store via Google Play, which takes note of your region in a more restrictive manner than TapTap.

To download it, you’ll need to change your phone’s region to Canada – you can try doing so with a VPN, or by going the official route and changing it in the Google Payments Centre, although note that a lot of people find themselves hitting a brick wall this way thanks to a generally unreliable service, and this does require you to have a Canadian address to hand, too.

Likewise, with PUBG hitting mobiles in Canada it’s extremely unlikely that it won’t hit other major regions like the US and Europe soon, so you may just want to hold out for that version rather than going through these steps – but here’s the official way how, according to Google, anyway!


  1. Go to Google Payments Centre and click on the Settings tab on the left.
  2. That’ll bring up your Payments Profile page. On there, click the edit button by Country, and you’ll be prompted to “Create a new profile” entirely.
  3. From there, you need to enter a full address with a postcode and all.
  4. Submit it, and it’ll take up to a few hours to go through as changed. After that, you should be able to download it from the Canadian Google Play store.
  5. Remember to get the right version! You’re looking for the officially licensed Tencent version, which is simply called “PUBG Mobile”.

If you’re in Canada already of course, then you’re sorted – good luck on the mobile battlefield Artical by