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counter Prince Clash Royale,Whats up guys,  Today I’ll be showing you how to counter the Prince. Prince is the hardest troop how to deal but  No worries guys we will give you some tips how to counter it.counter Prince
The prince is potentially the strongest card you can encounter when first starting the game
If left alone, a Prince can wreck a tower fast.counter Prince
A lot of people don’t realize this, but he’s technically a ranged troop
Versus a melee troop, they’ll have to walk up to him
When he’s charged up, his first strike does double the damage
He’s a mini tank, so arrows and fireball are ineffective
Witches can counter the prince incredibly well when placed properly
Too late and too far in the front and she’ll die
You have to react fast,counter Prince

How to Counter Prince Clash Royale

If you see a Prince coming, plant the Witch behind the tower
It takes the Witch 8 seconds to summon the second wave of skeletons
This sets you up for a counter attack
If you don’t have or use the witch
You can always pull the Prince with inexpensive units
If you haven’t seen our pull video, I recommend watching that first
In lower arenas, the Prince is often paired up with a Bomber
It can be devastating and seem impossible to counter
You can separate them with a pull since the Bomber is slower and has a farther attack range than the Prince
Or if you have Fireball or Minions, you can take care of the Bomber seperately
You can use small units to pull the Prince within range of your second tower
This is especially helpful if they have a Giant/Prince combo
If you missed the window to pull, you should plant an inexpensive decoy in front of the tower
That way the Prince won’t have enough distance to charge up and do double the damage to that tower
You can also pull with structures
Tombstone is one of the most effective structures to counter the Prince
You want to time it so at least 2 skeletons spawn
A group of skeletons also spawn after the Tombstone is destroyed
If you don’t have time to place the Tombstone in the middle, plant it in front of your tower
If you don’t have small units in your hand, you can still use tanks,
Skeleton Army or a Hut,counter Prince
They aren’t as cost effective so you may not gain an elixir advantage to counter attack
However, if you already had a Hut in the lane, it’s great support
If you have Minion Horde at a decent level, they can output a lot of damage
You don’t want to throw glass cannons in front to defend
The Prince will make minced meat out of them
If the prince already reached your tower
It’ll get demolished if left ignored
You’ll want to put a glass cannon behind the tower to chip him away
This sets you up for a counter attack,
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