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Hey Guys today we will be talking about How to counter Giant combos.

Giant Combos is very usefull decks are in tournaments.Counter Giant



How to Counter Giant Deck – Clash Royale

Most decks have at least one building Use this building to pull the Giant If you don’t run a defensive building and you keep losing to Giants Perhaps it’s time to consider integrating one into your current deck.This is very dependent on your meta

How to Counter Giant Combos – Clash Royale


The optimal position is a 4-3 plant.Which is planting the building 4 tiles from the river, and 3 tiles from your Arena Tower,Counter Giant
The Tesla is bit smaller, but the same principles apply.This is the maximum distance to pull him
Even after the Giant has crossed the river.You can plant the structure to pull him so long as he hasn’t traveled greater than 2 tiles
Any further than this and the Giant will beeline straight to your Arena Tower.These building placement rules apply to all melee ground units that only target buildings.Depending on the situation, if you want the building to tank the support units
You may want to do a 4-2 plant, where it’s 4 tiles from the river, and 2 tiles from the Arena Tower,I want to stress that these are the optimal building placements for optimal conditions.You may need to adapt the placement based on the playing field,Counter Giant
When possible, treat all defenses as if there’s a poison on the map.Fragile units planted on the outside radius
With Mini Tanks that can survive inside the radius.You don’t want to put your eggs all in one basket,Counter Giant
This denies your opponent from sending in a value Fireball or Poison.Depending on the type of deck you run
You can counter the approaching Giant combo with different methods.If you know your opponents rotation
And you have a good hand, such as a pusher, a small splash unit or spell and a building
You can pressure the opposite lane to force your opponent to expend elixir in the other land
They won’t have enough elixir to execute their Giant combo
Then you can counter the unsupported Giant for for a positive elixir trade
Ice Spirit and Musketeer also takes out the Balloon without the assistance of the Arena Tower
If you have a momentum deck that requires a really large push
Start by planting your support unit in the very back,
An experienced Giant user will have Minions that will fly straight to your defensive structure
You can use this to your advantage by baiting them if you have Fire Spirits or a Wizard in rotation
Typically if the Giant is supported with a splash unit.The Mini PEKKA is ideal to take them out
This Mini PEKKA directly counters their units, while still remaining on the map.Allowing you to snowball your defense into a huge a counter attack.If you have an Inferno, use it as a Zap bait.Release your small units after they reset your Inferno with a Zap, they’re now down a Zap spell.And you have small units on the map.Countering Giant combos requires reading your opponent,Counter Giant
Counter Giant

Counter Giant

Whenever a Giant is planted in the back, you can expect a glass cannon, or mini tank supporting it
The ideal situation for dealing with all of these small units is to address them individually Pull the Giant with a 4-3 plant.Counter Giant
Your second Arena Tower will do work to the Giant As well as break up the combos so you can address the units individually
A Mini PEKKA addresses all of the smaller glass cannons Small units like Goblins or Guards are great against a Musketeer and Mini PEKKA They’re one of the best epics in the game if you’re fortunate enough to have level 4 Guards
Ice Wizard messes up the Giant Balloon combo really hard, but not many people have the Ice Wizard
If you have strong cards that can take out the Balloon in 1 swoop
You can pull the Giant a maximum distance with a 4-3 plant to fully utilize both Arena Towers
Minions are great, because they’re also air units that obstruct the Balloons pathing
This can be risky if your opponent has arrows, and you use Minion Horde Be prepared with another card and don’t rely just on Minions,Counter Giant
Whenever a Giant is planted in the very back Be prepared for a big push like Sparky, accompanied with a splash unit such as the Wizard Depending on your deck And card rotation You can lightly pressure the other lane,Counter Giant
This causes your opponent to expend elixir Then address the Giant with a 4-3 building plant
Once the Giant splits the group, you can Zap the Sparky and address the supporting units accordingly
A triple Musketeer is easily disarmed with Fireball and Zap Or a double quick drop of Fire Spirits and Zap!!!1
How to Counter Giant Combos,Counter Giant