Counter Giant Witch

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How To Counter Giant Witch Best Guide

Hey guys, D-Mate here! Today I want to share with you How To Counter Giant Witch Best Guide So Giant + Witch has become popular in all arenas. Some players will quit the battle when they meet these combos because they don’t have enough troops that they can target flying units. Counter Giant Witch

Let’s Take a look at this How to Counter Giant Witch Guide

Counter Giant Witch

Giant witch is very uncommon nowadays. Everyone at the top level has learned how to counter it, but if you don’t, it can be devastating. Here are some tips how to Counter Giant Witch


How To Counter Giant Witch

Be it with spells or troops, the witch, or more specifically her skeletons, can easily take out a tower if left untouched. Three skeletons do the damage of two goblins, and that can add up over time.

This is because alone giant witch is both slow and ineffective when left alone. Because it is slow, it gives you lots of time to build up elixir, and because it is ineffective, adding in extra cards for offence is a common strategy. So save your fireballs and your zaps and your rockets until after they cross the bridge to hit all there offence, 

Because the combo is easy to counter with the right deck, many giant witch users have an extra win condition. The most common are mini pekka, miner, and poison. So if you hold a counter to witch, don’t think your home free. Wait for the next win condition to appear 

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