Hog Mini Pekka Deck

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Hey guys, EliSolo here bringing you a guide to an old-school Hog Mini Pekka Deck Cycle deck for Retro Royale. This deck was made by myself and has every element to an old-school Hog-Mini P.E.K.K.A Cycle deck (apart from the fact it doesn’t have zap). This guide is a little short due to the fact 6 wins is not too difficult. However, to the people who are having trouble obtaining 6 wins, try out this deck, and try applying my tips in your game. Using this deck, I easily went 6-0, even three crowning a few people. I hope you guys get some insight on how to play this Hog Mini Pekka Deck ! Enjoy!

Hog Mini Pekka Deck

Hog Mini Pekka Deck Cards Roles:

Hog Rider: This is your main win condition in the deck. If you follow my guides, you’ll know I love this card. It is such a fun and skillful card that works exceptionally in a ton of different archetypes. It is one of the only cards that has stood the test of time. It provides so much value for 4 elixir, and is overall a very viable offensive option.


Knight: A very versatile card on offense and defense. It synergizes very well with the hog rider as a regular bridge push, but it’s also a great Runner. It provides excellent counterpushing abilities due to its high defensive capabilities with his high health and damage.

Fireball: The first of your two spells in this deck. The fireball synergizes very well offensively with the hog rider as it can be used to take out common counters to the hog rider very effectively. Fireball can also be used predictively to take out these counters. This card is great defensively as well.

Inferno Tower: Your main defensive building in the deck. This card offers so much value for 5 elixir, and can ramp up and take out a variety of heavy tanks and pushes.

Mini P.E.K.K.A: This is a very important card in the deck as you’ll rely heavily on it defensively against tanks and pushes, and to support your main defense, inferno tower. Mini P.E.K.K.A also provides great counterpushing abilities.

Goblins: A cheap, high damage, versatile card that synergizes very well with the hog rider as they’re both very fast, high damage, threatening troops. Also is very effective on defense.

Skeletons: The second of your two versatile response cards. This is your fastest cycling card in the deck that you’ll rely on to get a lot of value, and create a lot of positive elixir trades. Skeletons offer so much value for 1 elixir, kiting, distracting, and taking out a variety of units.

Arrows: The second of your two spells in the deck. This is a very good and versatile card to have in this challenge as it has both air and ground coverage, and can take out units that others spells such as zap can’t kill such as, minion hordes, princesses, goblin barrels, etc. I’ve seen a lot of Spell Bait decks in this challenge, thus arrows are a must-have in this deck.

Hog Mini Pekka Deck General Gameplan :


As this is a cycle deck, you’ll likely be cycling small hog+goblins and hog+skeletons pushes. However if you’re up on elixir, you have a good opportunity to capitalize, or you don’t have anything else to play, the hog+knight push is very effective.

This is your main push in the deck as you can send it in as a normal bridge push, or as a counterpush.

Mini P.E.K.K.A is a card you should be pairing with the hog rider almost always from a counterpush. You should almost never send the combo in as a normal push unless you’re behind or in trouble and are desperate to get damage, or your opponent is low on elixir, they don’t have a good hand, and you’ve found an opportunity to capitalize.

Fireball + Arrows combo can be very effective at taking out a variety of common counters to the hog rider. You can even send in predictive spells if you are paying attention to their rotation, what cards they have in their hand, and where they normally place their hog counter as you won’t want to miss.


Your main defense against tanks and pushes is the inferno tower. Mini P.E.K.K.A is your secondary defensive card and can support the inferno tower to take out pushes very effectively.

The knight is another great defensive card at taking out the back line of a push, and just like the Mini P.E.K.K.A,

the knight has great counterpushing abilities. Goblins and skeletons are great, versatile cards at getting value defensively through kiting, distracting, and taking out units with their high DPS. Fireball + Arrows combo is also great defensively against swarm units if you don’t have an effective hand against a certain card or a certain combination of cards.

Hog Mini Pekka Deck Conclusion: 

I hope you guys enjoyed my guide on this Hog Mini Pekka Deck Cycle deck that got me to 6-0 in Retro Royale. If you guys liked my guide, an up-vote would be greatly appreciated.

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If you have any questions or feedback, please leave your comments down below and I WILL answer. Thanks so much for taking your time to read my guide!