Giant Witch Beatdown Deck

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Hey, everyone! Tnobes99 here, giving you a Giant Witch Deck Arena 9+ | Giant Witch Beatdown Deck  Rage Challenge Deck analysis that not only got me to 12 wins on my first attempt, but also 12 consecutive 3 crowns One other thing I should mention before I share the Giant Witch Beatdown Deck: IT HAS NO LEGENDARIES!!! This is a completely F2P Giant Witch Beatdown Deck, so the majority of people can use this so come and take a look at this Giant Witch Beatdown Deck

Giant Witch Beatdown Deck

Giant Witch Beatdown Deck Card Roles:

  1. Giant: Your main win condition. Extremely versatile on defence and offence. Look to play him in front of your support troops after defending a push to put lots of pressure on the opponent.
  2. Witch: After the buff, Witch is an insanely good with Giant, let alone in the Rage Challenge. The Spawned Skeleton DPS with Rage tears through opposing tanks and spells death to enemy towers (even with Poison) when converted to offence.
  3. Mini P.E.K.K.A:  I’m going to let you in on a little secret: Mini P.E.K.K.A. > Lumberjack. Why? Well, this is the Rage Challenge, of course! Mini PEKKA in Rage is the scariest mini tank to go against in Rage. Not only does it tear through tanks like the Witch, but it MUST be answered, or it will take down a tower in a matter of seconds. Therefore, after accumulation of Elixir through the Elixir Collector, it is actually a good idea to split your attack by playing Giant and support troops on one side and Mini P.E.K.K.A. on the other (Note that you should ONLY do this after defending your opponents push and have leftover defending troops)
  4. Mega Minion: Mega Minion is the best flying troop for this challenge. Mega minion can tear through air troops and mini tanks with ease, and it continues to prove to be a top support troop in Beatdown decks.
  5. Dart Goblin: This was an interesting selection. I was contemplating whether to use this or Log, but I’m really glad I chose Dart Goblin. In addition to being another support troop that attacks air, it also hits SPAWNERS and DEFENSIVE BUILDINGS, which are critical to get rid of so that the Giant can get as many punches on the tower as possible. Furthermore, it is a troop that can be played centrally to attack opposing troops, while still going down the same lane as your push.
  6. Elixir Collector: Easily the BEST card of the entire challenge. Elixir Collector is the reason the 12 3 Crowns were possible. In Rage, Elixir Collector generates Elixir at an astounding rate, forcing the opponent to either attack the tower or the collector. Fireball and Poison have less value in Rage, so Lightning and Rocket are the preferred methods to take care of it. Any deck you play for the Rage Challenge SHOULD have an Elixir Collector in it.
  7. Poison: Poison is still proving to be a powerhouse of a spell. In a deck that is already gaining lots of advantage through the Elixir Collector, Poison is just the icing on the cake to ensure more ways of generating positive elixir trades.
  8. Zap: Zap was chosen over Log for the fact that Zapping opposing troops, as well as resetting Inferno Dragon/Inferno Tower is easily preferred in this deck. Moreover, a Witch Shot and a Zap kills a Minion Horde, and a Zap+Poison Combo ensures the death of any Glass Cannon, or Glass Cannons in the 3 Musketeers.

5 Tips when playing the Giant Witch Beatdown Deck :

PLAY FOR DEFENCE FIRST:  This is easily the most critical tip because I see so many people rush in with 8+ Elixir on the bridge. There’s a time and place for that, which I will cover lower down on the list, but don’t do it without reason. You actually spend LESS elixir in general when defending. THEN, use those defended troops to generate offence, but ONLY if you know you are ahead in Elixir. Otherwise, it is better to let the push die down so that you can start building up Elixir Collectors.



Play Elixir Collector at the start of the game if it is in your hand:  There is no reason not to since the Rage makes it that much more rewarding. Moreover, play Elixir Collector whenever you can in the first 2 minutes provided your opponent cannot punish you. Hint: Keep track of their cards that can punish it like Hog Rider, Miner, Poison, etc.


If you don’t open Collector, wait a few seconds to see if they commit with a card:  This is an interesting one because you don’t want to wait forever, but you also don’t want to be the first to open if you don’t have to. If they play a card, play in the lane they committed to. Otherwise, Giant, Mega Minion, Dart Goblin, or Zap, are all viable options for starting the game so that you can cycle to your Elixir Collector ASAP.


Punish Big Elixir investments from your opponent:  If they commit Lava Hound/Golem, look to play Giant + Mega Minion/Witch/Mini P.E.K.K.A. opposite lane. Any combination of these will force your opponent to make a choice: either defend and have a weaker Beatdown push, or trade towers; however, if they trade towers in this mode, they will lose the game due to us having the Base Race advantage. Elixir Collector can also be punished, but ONLY push in 2 cases: 1. You have your Elixir Collector already on the field , 2. You don’t have Elixir Collector in your hand at the start, but your opponent does.


Split Push in cases of having leftover defending troops:  With the constant generation of Elixir from your Elixir Collectors, your goal is to get the Elixir Advantage. Once this is obtained, your attacking options become a lot more fluid. What does this mean? Well, initially, we would only want to keep a Giant Beatdown push in one lane; however, when we have an Elixir Advantage, we can pressure both lanes! Mini P.E.K.K.A. is an INCREDIBLE card to attempt a split lane attack with because in rage, a Mini P.E.K.K.A. MUST be answered, or it takes a tower in seconds. Split pushing is the easiest way to make the most of your Elixir advantage, but be warned that this should ONLY be done in the condition of having Elixir Collectors on the field.

I hope you liked it and this Clash Royale Giant Witch Rage Challenge Guide Which was shared by Tnobes99 on reddit I say thanks to him for sharing this guide with community

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