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Lumberjack and Furnace Deck Combo-Clash Royale


Lumberjack deck The Lumberjack is the one of the newest Legendary Cards in Clash Royale today. And in this deck, we are going to showcase its ability with the Balloon and the Furnace. Lumberjack deck

Lumberjack deckDeck Strength:

Lumberjack deck On offense, this deck focuses on wrecking down a tower as fast as possible. With the rage spell that the Lumberjack drops once he died, troops within its range will make a full burst to smash and/or demolish its target. While in defense, this set of cards can hold and stop even RG or PEKKA decks. Hog Rider decks will also have a hard time dealing with it. Lumberjack deckLumberjack deck


Card Gameplay

  • LumberJack: This legendary card will be the cause to make your Balloon rampage throughout the game. The Lumberjack has a fair damage per second but that does not mean he cannot chip-in good damage against its target. You can place him behind the Skeleton King or let it lead the way for your other troops behind.
  • Balloon: Your main tower wrecker. With its big splash damage, anything that will be in its way will be annihilated. Be cautious against building cards for it will be distracted easily. Lumberjack deck
  • Giant Skeleton: The damage soaker of the deck. The Skeleton King is best used against horde of troops. The bomb will wipe everything out if players placed their troops carelessly. This troop can help your Balloon to go further while on a pushing state. Lumberjack deck
  • Furnace: The Furnace will serve as your main support troop and a defensive structure. The Fire Spirits are enough to critically damage troops that will stop your potential push. Lumberjack deck
  • Archers: They will be the ones who will be in-charge to air units. Place them in a safe spot once your enemy’s troops lock in their targets. Can also be handy to kill incoming Barbarians, as well. Lumberjack deck
    • Archers alternative card: Minions. Lumberjack deck
  • Barbarians: Beefy tank eliminators. Can also be used to deal with Hog Riders, Mini PEKKAS and range attackers. Barbarians are used as defensive units in this deck. They can also be converted to a counter push units if played well.
  • Freeze: Timely drop this spell card once you are sure that you will hit the tower with the Balloon. Aside from the Lumberjack, this will add more difficulty for your enemy to counter your air unit. The Freeze Spell can also be used for defense. Especially against Three Musketeers, PEKKA or horde of troops.
  • Arrows: Kill those Minions right away! Low HP troops liquidator. Can be very handy in all situations.

Deck Strategy:

Place down your Furnace in the center of your base once your elixir reaches its maximum number. Drop the Archers behind your crown tower as you prepare for your Balloon and Lumberjack duo. Once available, drop down your Lumberjack near the river. Lumberjack deck

Follow it with the Balloon by placing it on the side of the lane. This will give your Balloon a bigger chance to reach a tower. As they approach the targeted tower, prepare your Arrows to kill counter troops (Minion Horde, Minions) instantly. Lumberjack deck

In defense, drop your Barbarians if a Hog Rider has been sighted. Rapid annihilation of these kind of troops is necessary. This will piss enemies leading them to be distracted and confused in the battle. Barbarians can also deal with beefy tanks such as Royal Giant, Giant and the like.

The Giant Skeleton can be very effective in puzzling your opponent’s move. Its presence will put him as the main focus of them. This will somehow waste their elixir to stop it giving your Balloon a possibility to hit a tower smoothly. Lumberjack deck

Before the final minute starts, make sure to wreck a tower by making enough combos in your deck. Once a tower has been destroyed, wait for your enemy’s move and counter it. The cards within this deck is capable of making a massive push if played correctly. The Freeze Spell can be used depending on the situation you are in. Lumberjack deck

Deck Weakness:

This deck might have a difficulty dealing with air decks. As we can see, the Arrows and Archers are the cards that can deal immediately with those troops. Though the Furnace is here, the placement of it will still affect on how it will be effective against air units. That’s why we suggest to place it in the middle of your base. Lumberjack deck