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 Clash Royale Free Tournament NO. 2 by Games Troops


Clash Royale Tournament Feature has come to light and after the July update,it has been officially applied. As expected, thousands of tournaments were created in the first day free clash royale tournament.

people find it struggle with joining these tours.So far the new Clash Royale Tournament mode has plenty of promise, and is a great idea, but sadly there are countless complaints all over Twitter and the official forum.


Ranging from cheaters, tournaments full, none available, low rewards and more. One could almost say Supercell really missed the mark, but future Clash Royale updates should make it even better


Heading into the new Tournament tab in Clash Royale users will see a bunch of populated games that are available to join.

Sadly, joining them is another issue completely.

Almost all of them are full, even when they say 5/100 players, clicking join you’ll be greeted with a notification that it’s actually full.



Note: Yesterday We started our 1st Clash Royale Free Tourname and Its was full just is 10 min so we decided to start a another one for for you !!!!!!


Tournament Name:Gamestroops 2

Tournament tag: #28COPPR

Password: Gtroops2

Length: 1 days

Prize: x30 cards

Status:  Ended

Number of players: 100


For those who cannot join our Tournament, They Can like Our FACEBOOK page for upcoming tournaments Password.