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Hi Guys What’s up  Kovalevy here and today i am going to show you F2P Common mistake When you reach into legendary arena, F2P



  • When you reach into legendary arena, It must be a nice feeling to know that your shop could finally have a legendary card in it. So you start saving gold to buy a legendary. However, you have a feeling that you are not going to stay in legendary arena if you keep playing so you stop playing and start saving gold, 40k to be exact. This is the common mistake that many of you do. Don’t do that, I’ll explain why.
  • You have 7 sources of gold income in the game, those are Free chests, Donations, Tournaments, Wins, Silver chests, Gold chests and crown chests. (Also Macigal/Giant/Super Magical can replace one the other chests.) If you stop playing and trying to save up gold to buy the legendary, you are getting rid of 4 sources of your gold income. You can only get gold from donations, tournaments and free chests.
  • You also have 6 ways of getting new cards without spending gold, those are Free chests, Requests, Tournaments, Silver chests, Gold chests and crown chests. If you stop playing you are getting rid of half of your card income. F2P
  • Let’s say you stopped playing now and try to get more gold, most of your gold would come from donations. When you donate, you obviously lose the cards as well… So if you donate 240 cards each day, open 6 free chests, win two 30 card tournaments and request 3 times a day. You would lose around 90 cards each day because of the donations. However, you would gain about 2000 gold each day.
  • Legendary costs 40000 gold, if you get 2000 gold every day, it would take 20 days for you to get the 40k. In 20 days you would lose 1800 cards. After seeing these stats, I would already reconsider to not stop playing. But as we all know, this is not even close at the real result you would have gotten if you had been playing the whole time… Let’s take a look. F2P
  • In 20 days, if you had kept playing, you could have gotten the same gold as if you were not playing and you could’ve gotten extra gold from wins, silver chests, gold chests and crown chests. My calculator says you would get about 3500 gold each day if you kept playing. You would also get 79 cards every day (still counting your donations). F2P

Starting to see what I mean? F2P

If you kept playing, you would get about 1500 gold and 169 cards more than if you stopped playing. In 20 days the difference is huge. You would get average 30000 gold and 3300 cards more if you kept playing.F2P



Edit: If you keep playing after reaching the legendary, you also keep on cycling your chest cycle and your chances of getting Magical-, Giant- or Super magical chest is higher, which means your chances of getting a legendary from a chest is a lot higher.