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Hi Pubg Mobile Free Chicken Dinner Achievement Guys blue_velvet87 here and today i Just completed the Pubg Mobile Free Chicken Dinner Achievement in the Asia server on Classic-Solo-FPP-Erangel. The Pubg Mobile Free Chicken Dinner Achievement requires you to play Solo at Platinum level or above, and win a game with 0 kills. The reward is the title of “Pacifist” along with an icon which can be displayed next to your name and RP level and In this post, I’ll explain how you can earn Pubg Mobile Free Chicken Dinner Achievement in Solo with a minimal amount of luck.

Pubg Mobile Free Chicken Dinner Achievement

Pubg Mobile Free Chicken Dinner Achievement


TLDR; Achievement earned in Solo-FPP via Blue Zone strategy, careful driving to strategic hard cover, and out-healing final enemies after the last Safe Zone disappears in Circle 8. Long-ass post details the strategy, which should work for most people



How did I do it? I’ll break it down into 3 phases:

  1. Circles 1 to 4
  2. Circles 5 to 7
  3. Circle 8 (the final circle)


Also, it’s important to emphasize that I did this in FPP mode. Because you cannot peek over obstacles using your overhead camera angle like you can in TPP, it is much easier to conceal yourself in grass, run unnoticed from building to building, etc., all of which is extremely important in Circles 7-8.


It’s also come to my attention that, despite the achievement’s description, it can also be earned while playing in Duo or Squad mode as long as you reach the end of the game with 0 kills.

For some, this might be an easier way to win than using the following method. However, my friends and I stick by the following strategy, as we have won multiple games with it in Crown/Ace, in Solo/Duo/Squad mode, and against single players and full teams of 4. Pubg Mobile Free Chicken Dinner Achievement

It’s also the reason why I have been in Conqueror rank for the past several weeks.


Circles 1 to 4  


Simply put, for the first 4 circles, I used the tried-and-tested Blue Zone Strategy. For the uninitiated, this strategy requires you to chill out and relax deep in the Blue Zone, all the while other players pick themselves off like so many pawns in your game of multidimensional chess.


When healing in the Blue Zone, refrain from using any First Aid Kits, Med Kits, Pain Killers, Energy Drinks, or Syringes.

Those items are too important to waste in the early stages. Rather, at this stage, you should rely 100% on Bandages for healing.

If you actually stay outside until the close of Circle 4, you should be taking a total of 400-450 damage, thus you’ll need at least around 50 Bandages.


Bandages aside, I focused on picking up healing items, Smoke Grenades, and Stun Grenades. In total, I carried approximately 65-70 Bandages (which were nearly depleted by the end), 1 Gas Can, 10 Smoke Grenades, 7 Stun Grenades, a bunch of Energy Drinks and Pain Killers, and 4 First Aid Kits. Literally everything else, including all ammo, was discarded to make room.Pubg Mobile Free Chicken Dinner Achievement


With that in mind, what should you be doing in the early game? First and foremost, land/drive somewhere that is:

  1. (1) Safe
  2. (2) Contains lots of buildings
  3. (3) Features ample vehicle spawns.


Number (1) needs no explanation.

Number (2) correlates to the massive amount of Bandages necessary to survive in the Blue Zone, as well as the other healing items that will be necessary to successfully finish the game. Only medium-to-large sized cities will feature the number of buildings necessary to achieve this strategy.

Number (3) relates to the fact that you’ll likely be in a non-centralized looting location at the beginning of the game, and will need to travel long distances to approach the safe zone starting at circles 2 and 3.


With these things in mind, you’re setting yourself up for failure if you land in locations where buildings and vehicle spawns are scarce such as Gatka, School, or Military Base, and conversely setting yourself up for success if you land in places like Primorsk, North Georgopol, or Kameshi.


Two other key things to note. First, gas cans are unusually important, as you should be travelling long distances in vehicles. Second, you must find/keep at least 2-3 first aid kits and 2-3 boost items until the constriction of Circle 8, the final circle at the very end of the game. The reasoning for this is explained later in the section on Circle 8.


Circles 5 to 7  


You’ll want to enter the edge of the Safe Zone for Circle 5 at a strategic location where enemies are unlikely to be, and which gives you hard cover. Immediately upon entering the safe zone, you’ll want to fully heal and gas up your vehicle.


From there, be patient and wait until the circle begins to constrict, at which point you simply ride up and down along the edges of the zone in whatever safe areas you can find. For Circle 6 and Circle 7, you should be keeping an eye on your map for locations on the edge of the Safe Zone that might provide you with good hard cover, such as buildings, shacks, or concrete barriers.Pubg Mobile Free Chicken Dinner Achievement

Obviously, avoid locations that are likely to feature an enemy. If you can find such hard cover, great; if not, it might be best to continue driving along the edge or to use your vehicle itself as hard cover.


Circle 7 especially is also a good time to use some of your smoke grenades and stun grenades, as remaining enemy players should be quite near and/or hunting for a better location, which may or may not be your own location. Aside from throwing your grenades, try to keep still and silent.Pubg Mobile Free Chicken Dinner Achievement


Circle 8, the Final Frontier  

If you make it this far, great–assuming the enemy does not rush your location and you have the items below, you’ve basically won the game! All you need to do is stick with the game plan below, which requires that you have at minimum:


  1. A combination of Pain Killers, Energy Drinks, and/or Syringes which can boost you to 80-100%
  2. 2-3 First Aid Kits


Before you receive the notification saying there are 15 seconds until the circle starts to close completely (at which point there is longer any Safe Zone),

throw whatever grenades you have at and away from your location. Hopefully this confuses the enemy and keeps them down until the final Blue Zone starts to contract.Pubg Mobile Free Chicken Dinner Achievement


Immediately upon receiving the 15 second notification, use whatever boost items you have to push yourself to 100% boost. If you do it right, you should be completely boosted with about 5-10 seconds left before the final circle starts to close.

Open your backpack or switch your healing item to First Aid Kit, and prepare to tap the “Use” button as fast as you can.Pubg Mobile Free Chicken Dinner Achievement


Assuming you are near 100% boost and you continuously press the First Aid Kit button as fast as possible, you can survive in the Blue Zone for as long as you have First Aid Kits.

In the worst case scenario where you are on the very outer edge of the final circle and the enemy is dead center, you’ll need approximately 2-3 First Aid Kits to outlast the typical enemy.


To be clear, you cannot survive the final Blue Zone unless you are between something like 50-100% boosted and are continuously using First Aid Kits as soon as your health turns red. So, if you’re not tapping your First Aid Kits fast enough, you’ll die.

If you try this strategy at 20% boost, you’ll probably die. If you try this strategy using Med Kits instead of First Aid Kits, you might also die (unless you’re near 100% boosted).

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