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Dragon Hunt Challenge Deck 2020| Dragon Hunt Challenge Deck Clash Royale 2020. Hi guys today I share best deck to complete Dragon Hunt Challenge Deck 2020  here 2 deck I had completed these challenges by using them
Here some Guide How to use these deck in Dragon Hunt Challenge 2020
Immediately destroy the egg with  Troops then you got any dragon ( Electro Dragon, Mini Dragon, Inferno Dragon)

Dragon Challenge in 2 Part Dragon Hunt Challenge 2020
1. Dragon Hunt Challenge — there no need no worries because no losses is count in it

2. Electro Dragon Draft Challenge
3 Losses and you are Out but you can join the game spend some gems


How to Use Dragon Draft Challenge Deck 2020

Dragon Hunt Challenge 2020

this was a Graveyard deck I decided to change to and use after originally trying Xbow and Rascals Loon going up to 5 wins. I noticed that many people were using decks weak to multiple splash cards; I played against a lot of Balloon, Hog, Witch, etc. Also important to note, Inferno Tower is everywhere in this challenge. I figured that making a Splashyard deck would be pretty nice since support cards like Ice Wizard, Electro Wizard and Inferno Dragon are all good against the dragons that spawn from the egg. These cards are also useful against most pushes, since a combination of the three along with a Tornado can basically stop anything in the game. Graveyard as a win condition is also good since it basically ignores an Inferno Tower, which could easily rack up value against big beatdown decks.

Dragon Hunt Challenge 2020
In general I didn’t immediately rush the egg; I usually let my opponent make the first move to get the dragon, then played light defense in either an Ice Wizard, Electro Wizard or Ice Golem (depending on the spawned dragon and support) to kite to the center and kill it with the help of both princess towers. For example, if the opponent starts with an Inferno on the egg and it spawns a Baby Dragon, I’d just play a low Ice Wizard above my king tower to kill it. If you want to insta rush the egg you can also opt to use an Inferno Dragon on top, and if your opponent kills the egg first it can still beat a spawned Inferno or Baby Dragon (but not Electro). Although, depending on your opponent’s support, this could backfire, so I preferred to save rushing it for double elixir.

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Three Musketeers Clash Royale Dragon Hunt Challenge

Now for the general gameplan. What I preferred to do early on was play passively and defend opposing troops efficiently to gauge the opponent’s full deck. What you want to do is identify any Graveyard counters they may have – Bats, Skeleton Army, Archers, etc. Tornado is super useful because you can activate the king tower with several troops, such as Miners, Balloons, Hogs, sometimes even Baby Dragons. This might be difficult but what I recommend doing next is tracking their card rotation. Once you know what GY counters they have in hand, you can go in for a counterpush with support so that you can prediction Poison effectively. You’ll usually get a lot of damage if they have squishy counters that all die to Poison, especially with a mini-tank for your Graveyard like Barb Barrel or Ice Golem. For defense try to stagger troops to avoid Fireball / Poison value. Use the Tornado with the Ewiz and/or Ice Wiz to kill support, and Inferno Dragon to handle tanks. The only real weakness this deck has is Lightning decks, I would say – since all three of your main support troops are susceptible to the card, and it’s hard to not give value. That being said, I was still able to beat a heavy Golem Lightning deck by playing troops early and cycling back to them, but thankfully I only ran into it twice overall.

One cool thing is you can strategically use the center egg in a pinch; it counts as a target, so opposing troops will attack it. With relatively high health, you can abuse its respawn times and kite troops over towards it to buy yourself time if you don’t have enough elixir to defend the full push. Once I had a Mega Knight about to connect to my tower without any viable support to kill it, so I nadod it to the egg to recoup elixir and defend it properly afterwards. The only downside of this is that they’ll get a dragon to help out, but really the only dragon you should be worried about is an Electro Dragon which gets the most value against this deck.

Dragon Hunt Challenge 2020Well that’s about it for this somewhat long-winded guide. Good luck in completing the challenge and I hope it’s fun for you!

Next post I will post Electro Dragon Draft Challenge Deck please comment this will help you or not and suggest me which troops can be replaced thanks

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