Destiny Strike Rewards

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Hi GuysI’ve been gathering a lot of information on Heroic Strikes lately and here’s what I’ve discovered. Hopefully this is useful to some of you. for putting together the initial table for Medals (You can Check out here). I’d also like to thank a few of my clanmates for helping me gather all this data. Destiny Strike Rewards

Strike is a game mode that requires a party of 3 players. It is similar to dungeons in other online games. A Strike usually take 20-40 minutes to complete and has 1 or more unique bosses. When players finish a Strike, they are rewarded with special items such as gear and engrams.

Destiny Strike Rewards

Strike Tiers

These numbers are as close as I could get, I’ll amend them as necessary.


Strike Bronze Silver Gold
The Undying Mind 25,000 37,500 50,000
Winter’s Run 24,000 36,000 48,000
Fallen S.A.B.E.R. 16,000 24,000 32,000
The Sunless Cell 38,000 44,000 57,000
Sepiks Perfected 24,000 36,000 48,000
The Blighted Chalice 29,000 43,500 58,000
The Wretched eye 16,000 24,000 35,000
The Nexus 23,000 34,000 47,000
Echo Chamber 36,000 52,000 70,000
The Dust Palace 21,000 32,000 43,000
The Abomination Heist 23,000 34,000 46,000
The Shield Brothers 28,000 42,000 56,000
Will of Crota 33,000 50,000 66,000
The Shadow Thief 26,000 40,000 54,000
Cerberus Vae III 26,000 39,000 52,000

Destiny Strike Rewards Tips and Tricks

  1. Know Orb of Light mechanics – You can charge up your Supers faster by picking up Orbs of Light. Orbs of Light are generated when your party members kill enemies with their Supers such as Golden Gun, Nova Bomb and Fist of Havoc. It is more effective to use your Supers on groups of weaker enemies than tougher ones. This way you can generate maximum amount of orbs for your team members. Using a super on a major or ultra yields more orbs of light but risk of not finishing them off if their health is high
  2. Bring Consumables – Consumables are items that are used to replenish ammo and can also provide temporary buffs to your stats. They are very useful during Strikes, especially on the Heroic Difficulty. Consumables can be bought from a vendor in The Tower.
  3. Different gear are more effective in different Strikes – When you choose your strike there are percentages next to your gear letting you know how effective you’re going to be during the strike. Please make sure you are not undergeared for the Strike.

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