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Hi Guys NKCougar Here and i am going to taking about How can you “Git Gud” in Destiny so How exactly does one “git gud”? Is it a certain gun, a certain tactic, a certain subclass? Is there a special key that suddenly propels an average player to the pinnacle of Crucible ability? You Can Also Check out My Video Guide Below the post And Git Gud Guide


There is only one way to “git gud”, and it takes time, patience, and the ability to acknowledge your mistakes – which is undoubtedly the most difficult part of the process. To draw a real-world comparison, I played football for a decade of my life, and for the first seven years, I was second-string caliber at best. In the final three years, I started studying the film of my gameplay, and the method I used to improve then will be what I share with you now. My coaches called it “Perfect Practice” – because practice doesn’t make perfect, perfect practice makes perfect. Git Gud Guide


Without any further ado, here is my guide to Perfect Practice.

Git Gud Guide

Part One: Film Study

For this method to work, you will need to devote a large portion of your time to film review. You’ll need some way to take notes, be it an electronic device, voice recording, or old-fashioned pen and pad. To start, record between one and three matches of your preferred game type in the Crucible. Play to the best of your ability, without getting flustered.

Step One: Reviewing Mistakes

The very first thing you want to do is make notes of the mistakes you made. There’s no need to count the exact number of times any mistake is made, but do keep notes on the frequency; whether it happens every engagement, most, some, or rarely, be aware of how often you do it. This will help for prioritizing what you practice. Below is a list of ten common mistakes Git Gud Guide :

  1. Failing to pay attention to the radar and getting flanked
  2. Trying to win a 2vs1 engagement rather than falling back
  3. Moving on from a successful engagement to the next without regenerating health
  4. Failing to use grenades to soften opponents at full health or kill opponents at low health
  5. Attempting to kill a low health opponent at close range with your weapon rather than a melee
  6. Activating a roaming super outside of cover in plain view of your opponents
  7. Peeking sniper lanes when you know they are being covered
  8. Walking around corners or through doorways, allowing a sniper to kill you with minimal scope movement (Note: when going through doors or turning corners near common lanes, always, always make sure to either slide or jump – most snipers will hold their scopes at head level for easy kills, and will have a hard time adjusting to this)
  9. Headhunting – if a player teabags, emotes, etc. in an effort to get you tilted and you start headhunting them, that player wins. You’ll get so focused on them that their teammates get free kills.
  10. Not disengaging when losing an engagement – it’s not cowardice to retreat when your best hope is a trade. Deny the other team points, and come back when you’ve got full health.

This is by no means a comprehensive list. Writing one of those up would take up multiple pages, these are only some of the more common mistakes, and easily rectifiable.

I recommend viewing each engagement multiple times, as more often than not, a lost engagement will hold multiple miscues or missed opportunities. Git Gud Guide

Now, noting your failures is only one half of film – it would be miserable as opposed to merely difficult if we kept our focus solely on the negative. After you’ve gone through and noted where you went wrong, take a look at all the things you succeeded at, and make note of them as well! You’ll want to make sure you continue performing those actions to the best of your ability. Git Gud Guide

Part Two: Perfect Practice

So, after you’ve cramped your hands writing, the next part is to actually practice the abilities that aren’t up to par. When doing this, I would always start with the very basics, and work my way up. What you’ll want to do for practicing in the Crucible is similar. Focus on one aspect of your game that you want to improve, and spend at least two games where your sole focus is that ability.

For example, if you’re having trouble landing headshots with your primary weapon of choice, spend two games only going for headshots with that primary – ignore special and heavy ammo, abilities, and super. If the goal is to improve grenade accuracy, spend your time learning the trajectory and limits of the subclasses grenade, then practice landing them exactly where you want. If you’ve got a habit of trying to take on two opponents at once, pay attention to every engagement you enter – if there are two players from the opposing team both looking at you, run.

While you may make more mistakes during your practice matches than you would going full speed and trying your hardest to do everything, you will begin to engrain the correct habits into muscle memory and reflex with each match spent practicing a skill. This will allow you to slowly improve each factor of your game, culminating with a drastic improvement of overall ability. As you progress through Perfect Practice, each improved skill will come together to improve your gameplay far beyond the sum of its parts.

Git Gud Guide Additional Tips

The amount of time you spend practicing is entirely up to you, though the goal for Perfect Practice is to reach a point where you’re not consciously trying to perform these skills correctly – the goal is for it to become muscle memory.
This method works best when you focus on one skill at a time. Trying to improve too many things at once will lead to poor returns for all skills, rather than improvement one at a time. Git Gud Guide

Probably half of your time will be spent studying film. It’s boring, it is the furthest thing from fun, and you’ll hate to see just how far you have to go. However, after a few sessions of this, I think you’ll be surprised at just how much progress you’ve made. If there’s ever any doubt, just compare film from the very first session to film from the most recent session – some of your shortcomings may have entirely disappeared!

Gun skill is one of the easiest aspects of your game to improve. If there’s any area that I recommend working on first, it’s awareness. Learn the sniper lanes, learn when to slide or jump around a corner, when to retreat, when you’re getting flanked, and what areas or spots on each map provide the greatest advantage. Many players have excellent gun skill, but lack the knowledge to make use of the map or the awareness of when and where to retreat when they are losing an engagement.

This method isn’t guaranteed to make you a top tier player. If you’re below average, average, or even good, however, it will help you improve the aspects of your game that are lacking. Git Gud Guide

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