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Hi every one today i am going to show you destiny collector guide As a collector in Destiny, it’s become very apparent that you just can’t keep everything anymore. The Dawning alone added 3 new armor sets for each character, plus a new racing set, and my vault is overflowing even with constant maintenance. As part of my major vault purge, I decided to put together a list of all items that are completely safe to scrap without losing them. so check out this Destiny Collector Guide in details

Destiny Collector Guide

 Destiny Collector Guide Inventory:

Shaders/emblems/ships/sparrows/sparrow horns/emotes – These items are all readily available from their respective kiosks on all characters and you shouldn’t ever take up vault space with them. The only exception to this is a couple of items that are only available on characters that have completed the unlock conditions (such as the Taken Shiver emote and WotM shaders), which you might want to move from one character to another. Otherwise, dismantle and pick up as needed.

agonarch rune/skyburners command beacon/wormsinger rune – These relics of TTK can be discarded IF you already have all of the calcified fragments on all characters or don’t care about collecting any more of them. They are also easy to re-obtain if you change your mind later.


2015 SRL book and Y2 Moments of Triumph book – These have been added to the progress menu and it is no longer necessary to hold them in your inventory. Your progress automatically carries over to the menu version, so there is no need to hold them in your inventory. 

Frontier Shell – Only available from the Ghost Edition of the game, but is available from the Speaker for those that have that edition.

Destiny Collector Guide Weapons:

all exotic weapons – You should discard any exotic weapon that you don’t use. As soon as you’ve obtained it once, it’s available in the exotic weapon kiosk and can be re-obtained for a mere exotic shard and 2500 Glimmer if you want to use it again. Be careful discarding any weapons that you’ve applied ornaments to though, as you wont get those back if you shard the weapon.

legendary Gunsmith weapons – The Stillpiercer, Susanoo, and Immobius can all be safely broken down if you don’t use them. Once unlocked, they are available to re-purchase from the Gunsmith for 125 Legendary Marks if you decide you want to use them again.

all legendary swords – Most people seem to switch to the exotic swords once obtained, so discard your legendary swords if you’re not using them. The quest legendary swords (25 LMs and 25 planetary mats) and refer-a-friend (15 LMs and 15 planetary mats) swords can all be bought again from Shaxx. The Dreadfang can be re-bought from Variks for 1 legendary heavy engram and 5000 Glimmer should you want it back.

None of the these weapons have different rolls, so the ones you can re-purchase are exactly the same as the ones you already have. They are easy to re-obtain and can be easily leveled back up with a small amount of motes.

Destiny Collector Guide Armor:

all exotic armor – Like exotic weapons, you can discard any exotic armor that you do not use. It’s easy to re-obtain from the exotic armor kiosk. The exception to this is that you might want to keep a piece of armor with a high stat roll if you might want to use it later, as the kiosk roll is generally not great. However, you can always pull another from the kiosk and use Glass Needles from Xur to re-roll the item until it has the stats you want.

Subclass class items – These are awarded for completing each PvE subclass quest. Previously a one-time drop and thus gone forever if sharded, they are now available from the Speaker for 75 LMs once unlocked. No need to keep these on hand unless you plan on wearing them, the Speaker does the collecting for you now.

Festival of the Lost masks – Any masks that you had in your inventory when the holiday kiosk was added in Oct 2016 or later will always be available. You can pull any masks you’ve unlocked from the kiosk on any character at no material cost, and they don’t need to be leveled up or infused, so just discard them when you aren’t using them.

Jade Rabbit/Racing/Bright armor (SRL 2015) – There are some caveats here. Whether you should keep the 2015 no LL armor will be up to each player to decide. They have been effectively replaced with the Speeder armor set and ornaments, but it’s not exactly the same. You can pull a new set of Speeder armor out of the kiosk for free if you obtained all pieces during SRL 2016, but you’ll have to apply ornaments to make it look like all 3 of the 2015 sets. So it’s possible to effectively replace the 2015, but not exactly.

It’s worth noting though that the 2015 class items are slightly different than the 2016 class items, but only in name and the fact that you can apply chroma to the new ones. Functionally and visually (unless chroma is applied), they are the same. You might want to check the stat rolls on your class items before scrapping them though as they function perfectly well as Crucible rep class items.

Momentum armor – Available from the holiday kiosk if you bought the 2015 SRL book. There seems to be some bugs with this unlocking if you didn’t keep a set from 2015, but they are in the kiosk and can be pulled for free.

Speeder armor (SRL 2016) – The Speeder set can be replaced at any time, although be careful dismantling pieces with ornaments applied as you wont get those back. You pull as many as you want, but class items cost 50 LMs. Again, class items can items can be used for Crucible rep as well, so check the stat rolls before sharding. Destiny Collector Guide

Circuit armor – The racing armor for Guardians who somehow didn’t obtain any other racing armor. Can be discarded and pulled from the holiday kiosk at any time. No real reason to keep this set.

Days of Iron armor – This is a big one for people running low on vault space. It’s definitely exciting earning this armor from the RoI book, but there’s no reason to keep it if you aren’t using it. You can pull any of the pieces from the book as many times as you like, meaning that you can free up a whopping 15 armor slots by scrapping these sets, without losing access to it. If you’re keeping it just for collecting purposes, feel free to scrap it. Take into consideration that you wont get back any applied ornaments to this set though. FWIW, the Y3 Iron Banner set looks almost identical, so you might want to just keep a set of that instead.

I’ll also note (since I’ve seen a number of people unaware of this), you can also use the ability to pull more armor from the book to re-roll the int/dis/str stat distribution on the Days of Iron armor. Each one that you pull from the book will be a different stat roll, although you’ll have to infuse it to actually see the points.

What not to dismantle if you’re a collector:

starting items – The starting weapons, armor, and ghosts can only be re-obtained by restarting a character. It takes up a lot of inventory space to keep all of this though, so many people seem to only keep the class items and ghost, and maybe the weapons.

Stranger’s Rifle/Murmur/Vestian Dynasty/Hothead – These are all quest rewards that are only obtainable once per character, with no current way to get them back.

Dread Explorer Shell and Joyride Shell – These are both one-time quest rewards, only available oncer per character.

Y1 weapons/armor – Most Y1 items are basically impossible to re-obtain at this point. If there’s something you care about, keep it.

Y2 armor – Most Y2 armor is currently unavailable, so keep sets that you like, especially from Iron Banner.

Raid weapons/armor – Technically these are all re-obtainable, but it’s pretty time consuming to do so. The Y1 raid weapons especially have pretty low drop rates, so you might want to hold on to these if you have them. I’m keeping a set of everything in hopes that a raid kiosk will be added so I can then clear them all out of my vault while still retaining access. Destiny Collector Guide

Red River Mk. 40 – A rare machine gun only available once per character from your 5th gold chest on Mars.

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