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Create Custom Room in Pubg Mobile| Pubg Mobile Custom Room 2020. A lot of players are curious to create custom room in PUBG Mobile and play with their friends. However on selecting ‘Create Room’ it shows that you are unauthorized to create room.

Create Custom Room in Pubg Mobile

Well there are three ways to create a custom room.

Create Custom Room in Pubg Mobile



1. Contact PUBG Mobile customer service and ask them to Authorize you: This step seems to be a lot more easier. But you need to provide a good reason why they should Authorize you to create custom rooms.

You can find ‘Customer Service’ at bottom left of your screen. Then open ‘New Conversation’ on top right and write about your problem.


2. Upgrade your Royal pass to Royal Elite pass: If you don’t care about 10 dollars (₹700) you can easily upgrade to your Royal pass into Elite pass and obtain a lot of items by leveling up. You can get a ‘Room card’ for 3 days at level 11 and another card for 7 days at level 56. These cards allow you to create custom rooms and play with your friends. One more benefit of getting Elite pass is you can get cool costumes, gun-skins and lot more stuff.

Create Custom Room in Pubg Mobile Create Custom Room in Pubg Mobile

3. Acquire room card through clan shop: After the global update 0.7.0, you can get room card for 1 day through the clan shop. Once your clan reaches level 2, you can get this card.

Create Custom Room in Pubg Mobile

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