How To Collect Dark Elixir Fast

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Hi Dark Elixir Farming Strategies Th8, Guys Clashing With Benji here I Will show You Dark Elixir Farming Strategies to gather the needed Dark Elixir for your upgrades. Dark Elixir is a rare resource and it is hard to obtain Dark Elixir is Very Important For Heros,(the Barbarian King ) Once you hit the Town Hall 7 but also all other higher levels so come and take a look at this guide take a look at this guide If you are Going to upgrade Your TownHall To Level 9 Clash of Clans Th9 Upgrade Priority 2017

How To Collect Dark Elixir at Town Hall 8

This is My favorite army composition(Archers, Barbarians) for farming Dark Elixir at Town Hall 8 This  army is the weakest but also the cheapest This army composition Takes little time for training troops. The main targets of this farming army composition are inactive bases with uncollected Gold Mines, Collectors and Dark Elixir Drills outside As You can seee Inactive base below

Collect Dark Elixir

Dark Elixir Farming Strategies Town Hall 8

At town hall 8 you will have a plentitude of inactive bases, it would be a shame not to take advantage of this. And what better way to farm inactive bases than using the ever so faithful Barch army composition.


There are many different strategies to this army composition but I like to keep it very simple. I use around 1/3 barbarians and 2/3 archers (65/135ish). With these troops, you’ll sometimes be able to pick off all collectors using only a few archers, losing trophies but netting extremely high profits very fast. But since the majority of inactive bases(see Below) have their collectors outside

Collect Dark Elixir

there are ways in which you deploy your barch army to reach 50% destruction while destroying all collectors around the perimeter.

This strategy will help you farm extreme amounts of gold and elixir, and usually a rather adequate amount of dark elixir too.

One of the best a way to snipe the town hall and dark elixir storage using Miner In clan castle.If Your opponent Having Dark Storage In the Middle of the base then you can Snipe there Storage with Miner 

This strategy uses the same army composition and can be performed whenever you come across an active base(see Below) with close to the dark elixir THSSC.

It uses the barch to create a massive V formation funnel that will help direct the clan castle troops towards the core, keeping them alive using heal spells.

It is also entirely possible to perform a Goblin Knife at town hall 8. Only here you don’t have any jump spells so you will be forced to use wall breakers and earthquake spells, which means you will have a small dark elixir cost to include in your net profit calculations. 

Clash Attacks with Jo shows you how it’s done in this video. He uses a regular funnel made up of a wall of giants with wizards behind them to clear the outer perimeter. The path to the core is created using earthquake spells and wall breakers.

It is a powerful attack strategy as you can see he even uses it to attack town hall 9s. Don’t let the dark elixir cost of this army composition scare you,

the cost of the 3 earthquake spells you will use (4th being in the clan castle) is 375 or 420 dark elixir depending on what level it is, but you will look for active bases with around 2,000 dark elixir so the net profits are still very solid.

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Thanks for reading this How To Collect Dark Elixir and Please Check Out my Video Tutorial How 

Collect Dark Elixir In Clash of Clans

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