Valkyrie Attack Strategy Th9 2018

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Hello guys Coclandrumit is here and todat i am gonna show you  Valkyrie Attack Strategy Th9 2019  so Valkyries are very popular nowadays in Town Hall 8, 9, 10 and even 11 Clan Wars. I know that lots of players are struggling to use Valkyries properly. That’s why today I am going to show you some great tips from tyu. I hope you will enjoy this Valkyrie Attack Strategy Th9 2019 guide

Valkyrie Attack Strategy Th9 2019

Top Tips for Using Valkyrie Attack Strategy Th9 2019

Since the recent update, we can easily practice attacking strategies, this is such a huge advantage you want to take whenever you want to improve yourself.

Here are some great tips for make your Valkyrie attacks better, especially while dealing with Town Hall 10 and 11 bases.


  1. Your Valkyries must be funneled to the core, not anywhere outside! Depending on the base you want to attack, you can use either 4 Earthquake Spells or Jump Spell, making a clear path for them. Because Valkyries tend to go to places where buildings touch each other, it’s recommended to find a place where those touch-points can easily draw your Valkyries in. One of the easiest ways to do this is to use Queen Walk on one side and 4 Giants + 4 Wizards + Wall Breakers on the other side. This is usually enough to draw the Valkyrie army to the core.
  2. Always deal with Clan troops first. Defensive Dragon may be the worst to face while using Valkyries because 1 Poison Spell is just not enough to take it down. In this case, it’s okay to either have 2 Poison Spells or play some Wizards behind Valkyries to help them take out Air troops. Also, I very like watching defending ground troops helping draw my Valkyries into the core and I just need to drop the Poison Spell right after that. I usually bring 2 Poison Spells in case I don’t know what exactly is in the Clan Castle. If there are only ground troops, I would like to bring 1 Poison + 1 Earthquake Spell into the raid. Poison is for Clan troops and Earthquake is for the Town Hall and high HP defensive buildings nearby.
  3. The Queen Walk has to survive If you want to achieve the last star. If the Queen dies or loses the following Healers, she is not going to have enough HP to complete the triple. It is strong recommended to plan the Walk instead of throwing her down on a random place. Look for Inferno Tower! Place her where 3 or more point defensive buildings are clustered, where the Air Defenses can’t touch the Healers. She will need to walk alongside the corner. If you have to deal with the Inferno Tower, use Giants or even Valkyries to tank some beams. I usually try to avoid the Infernos by picking the other corner. If there are so many point defensive buildings, you will need to have an additional Rage Spell to keep your Queen alive. Avoid using her ability too early. Use your Wall Breakers wisely to take down inside Air Defenses when needed.Valkyrie Attack Strategy Th9 2018
  4. If you are a Town Hall 11, it is extremely a must to have the Grand Warden support the Valkyries. Timing his ability is very important. It’s recommended to use his ability once the Valkyries have jumped into the core, when the Inferno Towers start locking on them, the Clan troops engaging, … Timing is very tough and you can’t do it well at the first times. Using it too late or too soon affects the whole attack a lot!

How does the Valkyrie AI work?

The Valkyrie AI is very unique. She always tries to get into the place where she can target the most buildings. In a compartment having loads of buildings, Valkyries always tend to stay where buildings are grouped together.

When dealing with the enemy troops, they will attack the closest target.

Why do my Valkyries always go outside?

This is the hardest part of most Valkyrie strategies. It is not easy to direct them to the intended path. The easiest way is to clear all buildings of both left and right side of the path, leave buildings in the middle remaining and your Valkyrie can follow those buildings to the center. This trick is called Anchor. I shared it not a long time ago, right? 😀

What is the Valkyrie’s biggest weakness?

When they need to break through walls and when they deal against spread out layouts. They don’t have that good HP and that good attack speed to destroy walls fast. Their damage is also not that good when they are not inside a group of buildings.Valkyrie Attack Strategy Th9 2018

They are also pretty vulnerable to heay Spash damage (Wizard Tower, Giant Bomb, …). It is great If you can use tankers or anything to test Bombs for them fiirst.

Why should I use them?

They can do tons of damage within seconds and soak damage from the Clan Castle, Heroes and defensive buildings. A group of Valkyries, 2 Heroes, 1 Rage Spell and 1 Freeze Spell are enough to shred everything in the core apart. After locking on the targets, she can immmediately attack them, R.I.P low HP buildings!Valkyrie Attack Strategy Th9 2018

Some great CC compositions with Valkyries please?

  • Valkyrie + Witch + Wizard + Balloon + Archers/Barbarians
  • Valkyrie + Witch + 2 Wizards + Archers/Barbarians
  • Valkyrie + 2 Wizards + 2 Balloons + 9 Archers
  • Valkyrie + Wizard + 2 Baloons + 3 Goblins
  • Valkyrie + Wizard + Balloon + 3 Goblins + Archers/Barbarians

How about the Spring Trap?

Spring Trap just can take out no more than 1 Valkyrie at the same time (2 Valkyries = 16 Housing Spaces). Also, because of their unique AI, this isn’t a big deal at all. They don’t follow the same path of Golem, Giant, Hog, …

When Raged, they can easily walk through the Spring Trap before it gets ejected.

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Thanks for reading this Clash of Clans Valkyrie Attack Strategy Th9 2019 let me know in the comment section what do you think about this Valkyrie Attack Strategy Th9 2019 guide