Th9 Trophy Pushing Army 2018

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Hi Guys today we will talk about Clash of Clans Th9 Trophy Pushing Army 2018 So guys In this Clash of Clans Th9 Trophy Pushing Army 2018 Guide i will show you LavaloonianGo-Va-Wi, Mass baby Dragon. This Clash of Clans Th9 Trophy Pushing Army 2018 will help you to increase you trophies so come and take a look at this guide

Th9 Trophy Pushing Army 2018

Th9 is the most favorite town hall level of many players and experimenting in this TH is easy compared to next 2 TH level.

For reaching every league it is necessary to spend at least 2,3 hours daily and do 4,5 good attacks then close the game.


FOR legend and Titan league You need to spend more hrs plus you have to always get at least one star in every Raid Because you will lose more trophies If you Fail so always try to score as more as you can .

Though I never cross beyond 3600, but my clanmates did and i’m using their successful strategies for you.
1st of all if you’re in Crystal 3 then you’ll find it easy to go upto Masters League 2, without even using serious troops because many players drop their trophies to go to lower leagues. From Masters 2 onward I recommend you use,

Lavaloonian: the strategy composed of:- 12 Archers, 1 minion, 20 balloons, 1 hog for CC troops, 3 Lavahound, 3 rage spell, 3 haste spell, 6 Loons and 1 poison spell in CC. This strategy is so OP that even you can 2 star a Th10 if execcute it properly.


Go-Va-Wi: The strategy composed of 2 golem, 14 valks, 9 wizards and 5 WBs and 2 archers for camp fill up. You should have 2 heal spells, now they are more effective against Infernos. 1 rage spell, 1 jump spell and poison spell for royal and CC troops. You can have Bowlers or valks in you CC along with poison spell.


Mass baby Dragon: Yeah you read it right. Baby Dragon’s rage mode damaged is somewhat similar to a dragon but they have less health than dragon. The strategy is to use those Baby dragons to clear out outside buildings and defenses.

you can use queen walk too for that, but it totally depends on your comfort zone. you have to take 4 lightning spells of Level 6 and 2( 1 in CC) Earthquake spell of atleast level 3 to take down 2 Air Defenses,

then start your attack surgically and when all baby dragons finished their job of clearing then queen walk and King would bring you the extra percentage and stars.

This strategy is so awesome that my friend who has a level 13 and level 10 king went on to became to 1st th9 to cross titans 2 in our clan. You should have level 2 Baby Dragon for this.

Trophy Pushing is nothing you do in a couple of days. If you’re doing it, for whatever reason you do it, you first have to be aware that it requires a lot of time so If you love this guide Then Share it with other Clashers too , Let’s help Each other .

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Thanks for reading this Clash of Clans Th9 Trophy Pushing Army 2018 let me know in the comment section what do you think about this guide