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Hi Guys Zappies Miner Hunter Deck Arena 9 Today I will Show you Zappies Miner Hunter Deck Arena 9+ This Zappies Miner Hunter Deck Will Help To Get Arena 12 This is a Zappies Miner Hunter Deck,It synergies well with the fast paced Miner+Poison and the long-range Damage Dealer Hunter and New Card Zappies also Check Out Here is Top 17 December Decks

 It is Extremely fun & effective at Average elixir Deck This Zappies Miner Hunter Deck can counter most of the deck inside the game so come and take a look at this Zappies Miner Hunter Deck guide also Check Out Here is Top 17 December Decks

Zappies Miner Hunter Deck Arena 9

Zappies Miner Hunter Deck Arena 9 Card Roles:


Miner: Your main win condition. Rely on this to chip down the tower slowly bit by bit. Poison plus miner can easily but slowly chip down a tower over 3 or 6 minutes time, but make sure your Poison are worthy.Miner plus Zappies, or miner plus Hunter are quite devastating, but you can get some great chip damage with miner along with any other troop or spell in the deck, like Bats You can use the miner on defense, but you can when necessary.

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Hunter: The Hunter is beast on defense and can take out most units Like Musketters and Archers  And It is a  ranged splash damage card Which makes Him insane versatility on defense, and he can counter nearly every card in the game.This is a great pairing with Miner When You are Going for Counter Push and He also is very easy to counter with a Lightning But Single Fireball can not Kill Hunter You need To use Fireball+Zap combo To Kill This card.

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Electro Wizard: This card is very unique in the game, and is a huge part in defending mass air pushes everywhere in the game. His spawn zap is just as good as an equivalently leveled zap,This card is also an effective counter to the balloon and The fact that it can’t be fireballed just makes it so much more reliable. Electro wizard also offers great capabilities on defense by shutting down support troops like mega minion, 

The Log: This card is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT In Challenges because so many peoples are using Log Bait Decks in the challenges this card will help you to take out Goblin baarrel, Skarmy, Goblin Gang and Princess The Log provides immense value, and in my opinion is the best legendary card in the game at the current time

Zappies: Zappies is a 4 elixir Rare card This card will help to kill tanks like Giant, Pekka and Mega Knight with a medium damage card like Knight  and Zappies spawn in a triangular manner Just Like Three Musketeers so you can split them and If you Splitting that willl gives you options to play making them very versatile on offense as well as well as defence

Bats: The Bats are so much better! They can actually chip the tower when ignored, with one Bat hitting the tower as it dies. Collectively, at Tourney Standards, they do 335 DPS. That’s more than the 4 doots  It sucks that mine are still level 11, but they’re currently close to being level 12.

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Knight This guy is a beast on defense. You can Paired with any other card In Defence and Offence , he can easily counter Elite Barbarians, Hogs And Mega Knight After defending, use him as a tank for your Miner

Poison Spell: In this deck Your Area damage card, this card is meant to assist in your Miner and Zappies pushes in getting valu Obviously, it’s area denial, as covered in the battle selection , so you can use it while pushing not much to explain here. Miner + Poison is very very strong especially since Skarmy, Bats and Minions, Minions Horde and Gobling Gang is a common answer to the Miner

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Zappies Miner Hunter Deck Arena 9 Gameplan:

Tips for every game If they have pump play knight tanking the tower and miner if the miner cannot get on the pump because they put like a goblin gang down poison because you can just cycle right back With Bats  and Hunter

The main push with this Zappies Miner Hunter Deck Arena 9 is knight Hunter or Knight + zappies  behind the knight that tanking then miner poison but that’s only if you get a huge lead.

Some good pushes can be knight miner, miner bats, miner Hunter if you counter something and it still has health.

Zappies Miner Hunter Deck Arena 9 Matchups:

  1. Spell bait: If you know your opponent is spell bait, use Bats on the princess, clean up skarmys with Hunter and ALWAYS Use log on Goblin barrel. If they have furnace, use the Poison
  2. If they are one of those ones with minion horde, use the poison or the eWiz+zap, both are positive trades. Don’t get dumb and log a princess, that’s what they want you to do.
  3. Golem Lightning – Knight + or E Wiz Poison on defence and Knight Will take care of tanks and supportis easy to kill by these cars Bandit, E Wiz, Poison
  4. Miner Poison – Miner Poison cycle Decks are easy to counter Counter this deck win E wiz and Zappies and then go for a counter push with Miner
  5. Giant Beatdown. Giant beatdown is basically hard countered by this deck, as Knight destroys the Giant and you can clean up the back end troops with your spells, Hunter and Bats. If they use some weak backup, either eWiz, log or poison.
  6. Graveyard: We have Poison and Use This card in the spawn zone Bats can also demolish Graveyard, but are really weak to Poison.

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Thanks for reading this really good Zappies Miner Hunter Deck Arena 9 guide,if you’re having issues with the deck, I’m open to talking to you down in the comments