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Hi Guys Md Aaqib here and today i am going to show you Zap Bait Miner Dart Goblin Deck Including Princess Elite Barbs and Log This Deck is very Populer in ladder at High level This Deck help me to push 4450+ Throphies  I have a fairly decent amount of skill and experience at using zap/spell bait deck. So this deck featured by Yarn orange Juice Miner and Princess These cards are the best at chipping away at your opponent’s tower and combined with meta control cards this deck is a beast. This deck also working well for me in tournaments My Deck contains a lot of current META Cards, which are needed for this kind of come and take a look at this Zap Bait Miner Dart Goblin Deck guide

Zap Bait Miner Dart Goblin Deck

Zap Bait Miner Dart Goblin Deck Card Role:

  1. Princess: The one and only legendary in this deck after Log. You can replace it for Miner or Ice Golem, if you don’t have princess, but the card offers a ton of value! Clears out swarms, long range, large AEO splash, versatile, and can easily get chip damage! Overall a valuable legendary and one of my favourites
  2. Miner: This is your Win Condition Support. Use the Miner to destroy Spawners and Elixir Collectors. If your Opponent doesn’t use the Elixir Collector, use the Miner with the Elite Barbs on your Opponent’s Tower.If you don’t have any counter to some certain Cards, use the Miner on defense. Only use it there is no other option, which is rare, but with a bad starting hand, it can happen.Switch up the Miner Placements, but never use ir at front of the Tower. This will prevent your Opponent reading your mind. If the Tower is at critical health, use it at the left side on the Tower.
  3. Elite Barbarians: This is your Win Condition. The Elite Barbarians are powerful. This Card can kill a Tourney Standards Royal Giant in 2,8 seconds.They’re excellent in Offense & Defense. In offense, you can pair the with the Ice Golem or Miner and destroy a Tower in seconds. Try to gain a Elixir advantage and surprise your Opponent with a Big Elite Barbarian Push.Most Players won’t be ready for such an offensive Push, and will spam Cards, which will lead them into a huge Elixir disadvantage.A perfect Elite Barbarians Push would be with the Ice Golem & the Miner to distract all defensive Troops, so your Barbarians can destroy the Tower ASAP.
  4. Dart Goblin:  Dart Goblin is an average card which is quite useful in some ways Such as  Take Out the Distracting Buildings from a distance, Push with Swarms of Supports, Dart Goblin could attack outside the attack range of Bomb Tower, Inferno Tower, and Cannon. and as well Bowler Dart Goblin can 1 hit Fire Spirit, he is also a great Furnace killer. If your opponent places the Furnace in a bad spot, your Dart Goblin can easily take it out from your side. Take a look here For more info
  5. Zap: You can use this Spell in many situations. Usually, you want to Zap only Cards that the Zap Spell can kill or leave at critical health.Never Zap Tanks or mini-tanks, even if they’re at critical health, that’s a waste of 2 Elixir.If your Opponent uses a Zap Bait Deck, you should only use it on the Goblin Barrel.
  6. The Log: This is a great tech card, but not essential. The main reason why I chose this card was because it does chip damage, so it’s great at spell cycling. It’s also a really good card in general and you can do a lot of things with it. There are guides out there that go into detail on the various tricks you can pull off with the Log.
  7. Ice Golem:The Ice Golem is not a Card to deal damage with, rather to soak up damage from tour Enemies Troops. The Ice Golem is a great Card for Troop distraction.If you kill a Lava Hound and you dont have any Troops on the field, drop the Ice Golem to distract the Lava Pups.If your Opponent makes a huge Push, use the Ice Golem to separate your Opponent Troops.
  8. Minions – Perfect defense, although Mega Minions are more popular  I really like these small troops as they can be paired with a Hog Rider in front tanking while they cut through any defenses and go on to chip at the tower. Their speed is key to this deck which is why I prefer them to Meta Minion

Zap Bait Miner Dart Goblin Deck Tips: 

This Zap Bait Miner Dart Goblin Deck relies on chip damage to destroy a tower, and if you make any mistakes, it could cost you.

However, unlike most Chip Cycle decks, I tend to adopt a very defensive playstyle when using this deck. I don’t commit much elixir to the board. Instead, I go for mini-pushes 


This Zap Bait Miner Dart Goblin Deck does not have too much problems with any of the major decks, only problem you could face are Lava Hound Lightning decks but as long as you keep the pressure on the other lane, forcing them to defend you will be able to split their push making each one weaker and easier to destroy.

  • The main offensive gameplan is to build elixir and start of by slow chip damage to the tower using small pushes or lone miner or archers. Once you have got a good read on your opponent, find that right moment to send in a strong push..
  • Send Ice Golem at the back when he reach at Bridge Then Drop Miner or Ice Golem+Dart Will Be Very Godd Combo and it can Deal 1000 Damage if Left alone
  • This deck is also killer in over time because I can cycle fireballs and zaps on their tower if necessary
  • You Can Counter Current Meta Card Elite Barbarians with the help of Ice Golem And Dart Goblin they can Shut down Elite Barbs Without Touch Your Tower Take a look here For more info

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Thanks for reading this Zap Bait Miner Dart Goblin Deck Guide All comments, questions, and criticism is welcome.