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Hey there Clash Royale enthusiasts! I used to use Yarn Miner Cycle Deck after I first got the Log. Of course, after using it for a month the meta shifted and the 700 trophies I gained in a month (3200-3900) went down to 3300 in a week. I became a heavy zap bait player and relied on a zap bait deck to get to 4k trophies. However, I miss the days of using a regular miner chip cycle deck, so I tried coming up with one based on Yarn’s chip cycle deck. Now, I can’t say this deck is ground breaking, but it’s holding steady up at the mid-high 3000’s (3500-3800 trophy range), so if you are looking for a plain miner chip cycle deck, keep on reading to find theYarn Miner Cycle Deck of your dreams 

Yarn Miner Cycle Deck

Yarn Miner Cycle Deck Card Role:

Miner: This is your tank. Use it to distract for other troops in this deck. You can also send in a lone miner at times to cycle your deck and get some chip damage. Because the Log is in this deck, I try to refrain from using miner on a princess. Constantly chip the tower and pressure your opponent with this card. In emergency situations, use it on defense.

Princess: Such a versatile card! Bait out spells, cycle your deck, force cards from your opponent, get almost guaranteed chip damage, and take out swarm troops! With some well thought out positioning, the princess can prove to be very useful.


The Log: I like to call this card the king (or queen, not gonna show any gender discrimination) of positive elixir trades (I can understand why Yarn used it so much). Wipes out swarms, pushes back units, y’all know what this beast spell does, so let’s move on! Elite Barbarians (lvl 10): The only legendary everyone can have. This beast is a powerhouse on offense and defense. Its high speed calls for cat like reflexes to be able to react to it quick enough. On defense, it shreds through any tank, turns a hog rider into sushi. Why wouldn’t anyone use this card?

Ice Golem: This is the one exception to miner tanking. If you are looking for some quick chip damage, use the ice golem to tank for the miner. The miner is your main tank while the main reason I put ice golem in this deck is to help deal with elite barbarians and the fact that ice golem is great on defense in terms of kiting and distracting. However, if you feel it’s safe, you can use the ice golem just like you would use the miner, tanking for other troops in the deck.

Elite Barbarians: This card is found in almost every deck! Great on offense and defense! One of the most reliable and threatening cards out there right now!

Goblins: This card has sort of died out after the increase in popularity of the skeleton army. But I had to bring these green friends back as I had to work really hard to get them to lvl 11 (tho I never ended up upgrading them, what a waste of requests!). Use this card for distracting/kiting. Pair it with miner for a deadly but cheap combo, and use it to shut down squishy single targeting units.

Fireball: This spell has been a staple in almost all my decks. Really good at taking out support troops, barbarians. It can even help weaken those pesky elite barbarians you see everywhere. I know many of you use this spell, so not much of a point in explaining it.

Inferno Tower: My main defense, even with the rise in elite barbarians, I find the inferno tower to be the most reliable building in the game. I have been using this building since 1800 trophies and right now I am hovering around 3600 with a personal best of 4016! Inferno tower also works really well in fast cycle decks solely based on the fact that if your opponent is running a heavy deck, you can pressure them easily while comfortably defending.

Yarn Miner Cycle Deck Offensive Combos:

  1. Miner goblins: Cheap but deadly push, great way to pressure your opponent, nice starting offensive combo, very low risk high reward. Ice golem goblins works similarly.
  2. Mine/Ice Golem Elite Barbarians: When played at the right time, this combo can be deadly!
  3. Ice golem Miner: I rarely use this combo, but it’s a great way for getting some chip damage.
  4. Miner and princess at the bridge: One of my favourite ways to pressure the opponent when they play a tank at the back.
  5. Remember, you wanna just chip them out with small pushes, only go all in when there is no choice (final few seconds, at a damage disadvantage, etc.)

Yarn Miner Cycle Deck MATCHUPS:

  1. Giant/golem/lava hound: When they place the tank at the back, send in a push on the other lane to force out cards that the opponent could have used in his push. This splits his push up and makes it easier to defend. Keep on applying pressure so the opponent can never send in a big push. If they by any chance do, be prepared to shut it down.
  2. Miner cycle: Try staying ahead in chip damage by pressuring them harder (cycle through cards faster than the opponent), maintaining an elixir advantage, and trying to let them get as little chip damage as possible with their miner pushes.
  3. Hog rider: Basically the same as versus miner, but place your defenses appropriately and with good timing so things such as a prediction fireball or surprise freeze don’t get the best of you.
  4. Elite Barbarians: You will want to maintain a steady elixir advantage verse this troop so they can’t get to the tower for an enormous amount of damage. Be sure to have backup defenses in case they counter your counters (e.g. zap your goblins)
  5. Royal Giant: With inferno tower and elite barbarians, as long as you have enough elixir to defend, this pesky overlevelled tank shouldn’t be a problem

This Yarn Miner Cycle Deck is built for any player looking for a solid miner deck, likes fast cycle decks, and wants to try some old school meta decks while tweaking the deck to adapt to the current meta. This Yarn Miner Cycle Deck is very balanced, but isn’t groundbreaking and isn’t the most reliable for trophy pushing once you get to 3800+ unless you have up to par card levels for that trophy range. If your 3600 or below and has and likes to use miner, this is the deck for you. See you in the arena 

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Thanks for reading this Yarn Miner Cycle Deck guide! All comments, questions, and criticism is welcome.

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