Yarn Lumberjack Miner Deck

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Hey guys, Halo1013 here this is my second deck guide and I just wanted to share this deck with you guys because chip cycle is an archetype that is rarely seen and rarely used for the past couple balance changes, and I feel that it has potential in the current meta Yarn Lumberjack Miner Deck 

A cycle chip deck is something that can constantly apply chip damage onto your opponents tower There’s the single push which can be as inexpensive as an Ice Spirit / Goblin combo The Ice Spirit tanks 2 shots from the tower then freezes it, allowing the Goblins to decimate the tower It can deal a lot of damage But also can be easily countered A simple push can be as humble as a Lumberjack / Ice Spirit combo So Come and take a look at this Yarn Lumberjack Miner Deck  guide:

Yarn Lumberjack Miner Deck

Lumberjack Miner Deck Card Role:

  1. Princess: She can be placed at the bridge for chip damage, in the opposite lane to defend against swarms, or even paired with an ice spirit, the log and goblins to take out Elite Barbs. For more information on how to use this amazing card, I highly suggest reading this guide: How to use the Princess Guide
  2. Miner: He is just such a great card that can do SO many different things. You will use him mostly for chip damage or to tank for small troops, but he can also be used as a defensive tank when need be. Alone, he can deal up to 400 chip damage to your opponent’s tower. One of my favourite usages for him is to throw him at the enemy tower when you have surviving troops for an extremely deadly counterpush.
  3. Log: Replacement Ice Golem A card that I personally think is the best spell in the game. It deals insane amounts of damage for a 2 elixir spell, knocks back troops and can damage anything in a lane. It also deals a good 100+ damage on an arena tower, which can be really useful for finishing off a tower, or if they keep on countering your miner. Your main tombstone killer, princess protector, push staller, etc.
  4. Lumberjack: Replacement Mini Pekka  a great card when used properly. The reason that I’m using him over the minipekka is because despite it’s HUGE damage per hit, when playing against a skilled player, the minipekka will almost never reach the tower due to it’s vulnerability to cheap “swarms” like fiS, gobs, etc. and it’s good, but not amazing movespeed and slowwwwww attack speed, while the LJ isn’t as weak to small swarms, moves extremely fast, giving your opponent little time to react. He also does a good amount of damage per hit(200), and has a really fast attack speed, which can sometimes mean that he can deal MORE damage to a tower than a minipekka, just because he might be able to get 4 hits in while the mpekka only gets 1. DPS and health is slightly below the mini pekka though. The rage from the LJ is definitely underrated as well. For example, if he dies, you can send in a miner to deal extra chip damage.
  5. Zap: This stunning card is an extremely versatile card, and is your main swarm remover, and allows your troops to get extra hits in. Can also reset trashcans on wheels, and inferno dragons, although they aren’t used much in the current meta. Not much explanation here,because you all should already know how to use it by now. Yarn Lumberjack Miner Deck 
  6. Ice Spirit: This frosty little spirit is amazing, and one of the best cards in the game imo. Provides soooooo much value for just 1 elixir. When placed properly, it can counter all swarms except for barbarians, and single-handedly shut down a musketeer/mega minion. It can also stall pushes to let your LJ or inferno get those critical hits in. It is great if your opponent drops an RG, which you counter with your inferno when they zap the inferno. The ice spirit’s 1.5 second freeze gives your inferno just enough time to take out the RG.
  7. Goblins: These three little mean, green goblins can dish out a LOT of damage. The reason I think they’re better in the current meta than skarmy is just because skarmy doesn’t do enough damage before it gets zapped(doots crowd each other out), while if each goblin gets 2 stabs, that’s already 600 damage “for free”.
  8. Inferno Tower: The inferno tower is a great defensive building for taking down tank pushes and hog rider pushes, and even though it doesn’t do well against 1337 barbs,

Yarn Lumberjack Miner Deck  Chip pushes :

  1. Princess at the bridge: supported with either a hovered zap, prediction the log, or an ice spirit: Pretty self-explanatory, the princess basically gets a guaranteed hit on the tower, the other troops/spells are for a second/third or more hit. Yarn Lumberjack Miner Deck 
  2. Miner + Zap: Miner to deal chip damage to the tower, zap for stuff like a skarmy or goblins used to counter the miner. Also can help the miner get in 1 more hit, resulting in ~120 extra tower damage, if you really need it.
  3. Miner + Ice spirit: Miner to deal chip damage again, but the ice spirit is to counter minions/minion horde that are used to counter your miner. Simply drop the miner at the front of the arena tower, and once they drop minions/minion horde, the ice spirit will jump on the minions, and you can simply zap them away.
  4. Miner + LJ + Ice spirit(optional) + Zap/The Log: Medium-cost push, can destroy a tower if left ignored or if your opponent is low on elixir, the reason being that if your opponent is low on elixir, the only cards that they can drop in time are small, cheap troops, which you can simply zap/the log away.
  5. LJ + Ice spirit + Zap: Small, cheap push that can devastate a tower if ignored. Zap is preferred over the log in this instance due to the ice spirit + zap combo taking out minions, and also due to the fact that zap is instantaneous. 
  6. Goblins + Ice spirit: The apex of cheap, deadly pushes. Ice spirit should be placed in front of the goblins to tank 2 hits from the arena tower THEN freeze the tower, allowing the goblins to wreak havoc on the tower.

Yarn Lumberjack Miner Deck  General Gameplan:

You will want to slowly chip down your opponent’s tower with the miner and princess mostly, and sometimes with an LJ. Constantly pressure your opponent to ensure that they are always spending elixir, and that they have to leave a push unsupported,


if they are building up a big push with a tank in the back, so that you can counter the push for a positive elixir trade. Defend pushes head-on if need be, but always try to split their push and counter the individual parts for positive elixir trades.

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This will be the end of this Yarn Lumberjack Miner Deck  guide, thanks for reading, and please leave any additional tips, comments and suggestions and Watch yarn video below for more details about chip cycle deck