Electro Graveyard Bowler Deck

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what’s up everyone this is orange juice i use the ton of decks but this one is my favorite one to use during the electric wizard challenge it’s the deck that I had the most fun playing a deck pompeyo used to get his electric wizard to max level one of the most common index that we ran into was the mirrored furnace zap a deck that multi mate really popular during the electric wizard challenge this deck has an answer to every card in that deck but one miss plates app could cost an entire tower so here is my Electro Graveyard Bowler Deck  

Electro Graveyard Bowler Deck

I will recommended you to watch the video below to the post.In Video you will learn how each and every thing about the deck how this Electro Graveyard Bowler Deck works how this deck cards works most important you will also know how to use electro wizard which is new to the game don’t worry i am going to give you some tips about this deck and for more details whatch Electro Graveyard Bowler Deck video below


Electro Graveyard Bowler Deck Important Tips :

  1. Bowler Will work in case they had a Elite barbarians the best card to play against is the furnace because the bowler demolishes waves of fire spirits and each way to engages slows him down reaching the enemy tower allowing you to build a lecture to play your graveyard and bowler can counter goblin barrel perfectly.
  2. Whenever you played  Graveyard Always be ready with Zap or Fireball  to counter his Cards like Minions,Minions hord Skarmy,Goblins and Spear Goblins 

    If Your opponent always play something like Minions,Minions hord Skarmy,Goblins and Spear Goblins to counter your graveyard then use prediction fireball at that place where he deploys his troops to counter your graveyard

  3. You have to change the way you play your cards with different Players because they have high lvl card and Always use Ice golem To lite their troops and also play ice golem against skarmy Ice Golem+Zap can take out 
    Minions Hords
  4. Against Royal Giant Your Elite Barbarians are very good they can shut down his Royal giant very easly If your Elite barbs is not in rotation then use Electro Wizard+ Mega Minions Combo To Counter his Royal giant
  5. Against Balloon Deck Electro wizard is very good to counter  countering and unprotected balloon it doesn’t reach the tower and well as Electro Wizard is also good against Hogs bcuz Hog will only get one attack on tower
  6. In this Deck  you don’t want to drop your graveyard until you defended enough and found an opening to counter Attack I got absolutely destroyed by being over the aggressive against the skilled player
    so That’s it for today watch the video below for more Detail

Source: Orange Juice Gaming

 Electro Graveyard Bowler Deck By Yarn Watch Video

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Thanks for reading this Electro Graveyard Bowler Deck guide and  All comments, questions, and criticism is welcome.