Xbow Deck Arena 6

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Hi Guys Kovalevy here and I’ve seen so many players here saying X-Bow is a troll card or it’s too hard to play, it’s time to make a difference to your thoughts! Today I’m going to introduce you an Xbow Deck Arena 6 that got me to 4000 trophies, won me a bunch of Classic Challenges in a row with 0 losses, and is very easy to play so come and take a look at this Lighting Xbow Deck  guide

Xbow Deck Arena 6

Lighting Xbow Deck  Card Role:

X-Bow: This is obviously the win condition, make it lock onto the opponent’s tower once and it’s pretty much game over for your opponent.

Skeleton Army: I added this card yesterday after receiving the buff. I had Guards before. Skarmy is one of the best cards in defense. It costs 3 elixir and they have the highest DPS in the game if not dealt with. With this deck, don’t try to go offensive with Skarmy, use it on defense and punish your opponent if he zaps something else! Xbow Deck Arena 6


Mega Minion: This is my X-Bow/tower defense. One of the best DPS in the game and pretty hard to deal with. Combine Mega Minion with Ice Wizard and you have a wall that’s very hard to break.

Ice Wizard: Also my X-Bow/Tower defense. Deals with Minions, tanks miner from hitting collector, slows down the Giant from reaching my tower, gives extra 400 damage to my X-Bow. When you’re at full elixir, Ice Wizard is the way to go.

The Log: Very underestimated card! This will keep your opponent away from your tower, the X-bow and kills all the smaller units! This deck only has 3 troops, Princess on the other lane would be very scary if I had no way of killing her without using one of my troop. Also, RG is known to be the hardest counter for X-Bow, RG + Minions is often hard to deal with, not with The Log! It pushes RG from the reach of the tower so it’ll target the Minions instead. Xbow Deck Arena 6

Lightning: Also very underestimated card! I think it has gained some popularity during the recent Giant + Poison meta but still haven’t seen too many players using this. Lightning opponent’s Elixir Collectors, 3 Musketeers, Mega Minion + Musketeer. Plenty of options, usually everyone has at least one card that makes your lightning worth of using. Also good way to finish X-Bow’s work. Can be used in defense and offense.

Elixir Collector: Well you know, elixir advantage is good to have. Now that it costs 6 elixir Miner is a real threat to the Collector. So play it carefully and always have full elixir when playing it so you can actually defend it.

Zap: Minions, Goblins, Minion Horde, Goblin Barrel, you name it. Such a versatile card! Combine zap with Ice wizard to keep minions away from your X-Bow!

Lighting Xbow Deck  Gameplan:

I say this Xbow Deck Arena 6 is easy to play because it’s very easy to get an elixir advantage with Mega Minion/Ice Wizard/Skeleton Army/Elixir Collector. Clear the path with Lightning and make your opponent watch the X-Bow while it’s shooting the tower!

I know I’m not even close to be one of the first players (who haven’t spent hundreds of dollars) to reach 4000 trophies. And I know I’m probably not the first player with level 4 X-Bow in 4000. I’m very happy I was able to reach 4000 and so I wanted to share this X-Bow deck with you guys. I want you guys to take the X-Bow seriously, it’s a serious card that can win games for you. 

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Feel free to ask any questions about this Xbow Deck Arena 6 ,I will answer. I hope you think this guide was good enough since 4000 with X-Bow was a huge achievement for me.