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Today, I will showcase my X Bow Mortar Deck deck that works well at 4300+ trophies with 10/7.5/3.5/1.5 cards. This X Bow Mortar Deck also works very well for me in tournaments and challenges as I have won the grand challenge multiple times with the deck. The key to this deck is to put constant pressure on your opponent with the X-Bow and Mortar so they will always be scrambling to defend the siege weapons and are not able to build up a push.

I love to play siege as I have experimented with spawners, rocket cycle, mortar and xbow and found this deck to be fairly strong after using it multiple times in both ladder and tournament matches. I thought it would be cool to have a deck showcasing the two most popular siege weapons, so when I finalized it after a week of experimenting, it stood its ground. X Bow Mortar Deck

I have used a mortar in my primary deck for 4 months, so I consider myself an experienced and fairly skilled siege player. If you also enjoy playing siege, this X Bow Mortar Deck will be easy to pick up and use.


X Bow Mortar Deck

X Bow Mortar Deck Card Role:

  1. X-Bow: Main win condition and now it is used fairly often because it is a strong card. Even if it is under leveled, it can take out a tower alone if not dealt with properly. The X-Bow is one of my favorite cards now that it is viable today! I do think it may be stronger than the mortar because it does not fire shells one by one, but instead whittles away slowly at anything it targets until it shoots at the tower.
  2. Mortar: Secondary win condition/defensive building. Do not worry about protecting the mortar too much because the X-Bow is the main damage dealer. The purpose of the mortar is to keep pressure applied at all times so your opponent will have to waste their support troops on taking out the mortar. If left unchecked, the mortar can deal upwards of 1500+ damage on their tower. This card is also a great defensive building for dealing with pushes because the slow shells fired from the mortar will kill most of the support troops, acting like a ground fireball.
  3. Princess: AKA The mini-mortar. If the first two siege weapons were not enough, simply drop the princess right at the bridge and she starts firing right away. She puts pressure on your opponent as well as defends like a beast. Her long range allows her to easily deal with swarms.
  4. The Log: An amazing card that can equate to some serious value. The log is great at defending your siege cards from swarms as well as taking out princesses.
  5. Fireball: I experimented with this card slot a lot and found fireball to be the best option. Use the fireball to take out buildings distracting your siege weapons, killing their elixir pumps or destroying massive swarms. When your opponent’s tower is down to about <600 hp, you can turtle and cycle fireballs for the win.
  6. Skeleton Army: Great card that will deal massive damage to tanks in a matter of seconds. Also, it can be used to block an inferno tower that is used to counter the X-Bow or mortar. Since it is so cheap, you will usually get great value out of it before it dies.
  7. Mega Minion: Extremely versatile card that is OP. It is essentially a flying mini pekka that will tear ground units to shreds. Use this guy to deal with high health units.
  8. Ice Spirit: Even after the nerf, the ice spirit still proves to be a top tier card that is a must have in most decks. Use the ice spirit to defend. X Bow Mortar Deck

X Bow Mortar Deck Common Matchups 

Giant-Lightning: This deck is a difficult matchup because it contains a tombstone that distracts your mortar AS WELL as lightning which will destroy your buildings. The key to winning is to CONSTANTLY apply pressure and never let them build up a push with their giant, bowler, musk combo. If they put a giant in the back, put a mortar or xbow in the other lane so they will have to waste a support troop to kill it. If they ignore it, it will cost them massive damage or even their tower gone. Use the fireball, MM, skarmy and princess to take care of their push and immediately set up a counter attack with the mortar or xbow.

Lavahound: This deck is easier to play against because with the lack of ground units they may have, it gives your siege weapons free reign. Keep applying pressure as stated above and make sure they do not build up a big push. Make sure to space out your units so they are not killed by lightning, etc.

Hog Rider: Easier to face because most hog decks are control decks and siege counters control. Defend the hog with MM/Skarmy and keep using the x-bow/mortar to deal damage. Sometimes it is good to use a mortar as a distraction for the hog because the mortar will tank the hog while it also gets 1-2 shots in.

Miner: Use skarmy to kill the miner and princess/mm to kill the chippy troops. I haven’t seen too much miner, but it is fairly easy to deal with with this deck.

X-Bow: Another difficult matchup. Use the mortar to tank the X-Bow for a little bit while you can destroy it with a mega minion/skarmy. Since they most likely have a log, use the princess to bait it out, so you can use your skarmy.

Golem: Pretty much a hard counter to this deck as you will lose most of the time. The only way to beat this deck is to spam mortar and xbow and hope to get either of them to lock onto the tower before a golem is placed down. With the skarmy as your main source of DPS and lightning being common in golem decks, golem decks will usually steamroll you. 

X Bow Mortar Deck Additional Tips

If you have either x-bow or mortar in your starting hand, use it as your first card. If you have both, use the mortar because it will show you what they have as a counter. If you get lucky and your opponent doesn’t have a good counter in their starting hand, you can get some great initial damage to start off the game.

Don’t over commit while defending the mortar because it is only 4 elixir. As long as it gets in 1-2 shots, it has paid for itself. You can commit more elixir to defending the x-bow because it is a riskier card to play and you want it for most of your damage.

Don’t be afraid to send in an additional ice spirit with a naked mega minion (which was used to defend from before) to get in some good chip damage.

Only play your x-bow if you have atleast 8 elixir or if you know you have a massive elixir lead.

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I strongly suggest trying this  X Bow Mortar Deck  – It’s fun to play, easy to use All comments, questions, and criticism is welcome.

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