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Hi Guys Whats up and I will showcase some X Bow Meta Decks that works well at 4100+ trophies and we all know that with the recent balance changes, some cards have gone from the bottom of the barrel to top One of them include the X bow , Mortar Ice Wiz and Dark Prince so here i am with some X Box Decks Which is working well in Current Meta so come and take a look at this guide

1. X Bow Executioner X Bow Meta Decks

X Bow Meta Decks

Hi guys What’s up Hyp3rion,akki here and today i am going to show you X Bow Executioner Deck  which is really good for reache at Arena 10 This Deck is same as very populer X bow Bowler but there is big diffrence in this deck I replace My Bowler To Executioner and this Executioner card make this deck more powerfull than before because Bowler cant Attack on air but executioner can take care of both ground and air units that’s why this is powrfull than before Contiue Reading »

2. X Bow Ice Golem Infreno Tower Deck

X-bow is destructive if your opponent doesn’t expect it, and messed up at the beginning. If you get bad cards as starting hand and messed up a little, try to cycle your deck and not letting your opponent know you are having X-bow.


Perfect cards to start a game are X-bow, ice golem, MM. If they mess up the beginning I often take the tower within first minute. Place your X-bow when you reach 9.5 elixir, place ice golem 0.5-1 sec later, followed by MM if they response with ANY single unit such as knight/mini pekka/inferno tower,MM etc. Get the tower down to 400-500 health Continue Reading  »

3. X Bow Knight Inferno Tower Deck

X Bow Log Deck

The first time I got 12 wins with the xbow on grand challenge was using a version which contained skarmy and ice spirit, but recently I started using this version which got me just now a solid 12-0 run and I won against popular archetypes as well as a few unorthodox tricky decks (one of them had furnace, goblin barre, LJ and mirror, very tricky deck to beat when it’s not popular Continue Reading »

4. X Bow Bowler Mini Pekka Deck

X Bow Bowler Deck

Hey guys, Kissmeclsureyes  and today i am going to share X Bow Bowler Deck so I received enough epics to get my Xbow, and Bowler both up to level 4 so I thought the deck would just be a gimmick deck, one that I could beat lower level players in tourneys, but when I tried it out I started beating skilled players, and placed very well in some small tourneys (3 1sts out of 4 tourneys). I then tried the deck on ladder, but it wasn’t didn’t work very well. this is a very solid deck I’d recommend trying out if you like Siege. If your Epics aren’t at least level 3 I wouldn’t recommend using it Continue Reading »

5. Siege X Bow Meta Decksx bow deck

Hi Guys Arma_GD here and today i am taking about Unstoppable Siege X Bow Deck That Got me to Arena 9,If you have a couple of the more commonly seen Legendary cards and want a deck to push trophies with,crush people for fun with, and/or use because you like somewhat hybrid Siege strategies, you might consider trying this deck. I have battled a number of times too large to count with it, and lost less than five Continue Reading »

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I hope you found these Siege X Bow Deck guide to be helpful and as to-the-point as necessary, and that you find success and fun using these deck. Leave your feedback and experiences I’m interested to see how this works for others.