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Hi guys, Riddle0219 here. A while ago I made a post about a miner-inferno control deck that got me a solid 12-0 in grand challenge. That was when the poison card was meta. I decided since then that everytime I find a solid deck for grand challenge I will post it here with a small guide X Bow Log Deck

I’m an avid siege player and I’ve tried a variety of  xbow decks on both classic and grand challenge. Personally I prefer playing with mortar (which I use on ladder) but xbow is overall a better card on equal level and currently the best siege card for tournament, challenge and ladder (if you have the cards needed leveled up)

The first time I got 12 wins with the xbow on grand challenge was using a version which contained skarmy and ice spirit, but recently I started using this version which got me just now a solid 12-0 run and I won against popular archetypes as well as a few unorthodox tricky decks (one of them had furnace, goblin barre, LJ and mirror, very tricky deck to beat when it’s not popular and you’re not teching against it)


X Bow Log Deck

X Bow Log Deck Card Role:

  • Xbow – This card is your primary winning condition,

Use it on offense by placing it one tile behind the bridge and one tile to the left or right depending what side you are attacking. I use this positioning with mortar and I believe it is the best placement to minimize distractions and protect your xbow. If I have it in my starting hand, I like to play it first but usually I’ll wait until my opponent has played a card. Unless your opponent plays something agressive like a hogrider you can place your xbow in the opposite lane and without overcommitting see how they respond so that you’re better prepared next time. There are times when it’s worth protecting the xbow and other times when it’s ok to let it die and get only a few shots

  • Inferno Tower – This card is the centerpiece of this deck’s defense.

Use it to melt tanks and mid-HP units like hogrider. Also sometimes it is ok (in overtime or double elixir) to place it on the side of your xbow to start attacking tanks before they even cross the bridge, or to use it to protect your xbow, but usually save it for defense if you can and be careful with lightning, spread your troops carefully

  • Mega Minion – Not much to explain,

The OP card at the moment. Use it on defense against pretty much anything except hordes and to protect your xbow. The primary reason why you need this card is to counter enemy megaminions since they can counter your xbow fairly easily but it also does a good job against some xbow counters like knight or inferno tower placed across the bridge. Originally I ran bowler in this place before MM became popular

  • Fireball – This card is your secondary winning condition

This card is your secondary winning condition and also a great defensive card that can provide very high value. It takes time to master this card but when you do your fireballs will be instant and mechanical and your performance will improve. When you can get value and damage the tower, do it. My personal favorite is fireballing a tombstone placed in the middle, since so many people do it proactively.

  • It’s also fine to fireball any type of huts or buildings placed proactively, or hordes placed near the tower that cost 4 elixir or more. Use it on defense to protect your towers and xbow when needed. Obviously be conservative in its usage if you are facing a spell bait deck.
  • When the tower is very low on health you can place a defensive xbow and proactively fireball their tower even if there’s no troops to get a positive trade, unless they have a lot of hordes. Usually 800HP or lower is safe to spell cycle but if you can get an xbow down it’s also fine, specially if they don’t have very good counters
  • Ice Golem – Recently added this guy and it’s a beast on defense and offense.

Recently added this guy and it’s a beast on defense and offense. On offense, you can place it proactively in front of the xbow (before your opponent drops their counter) and it is never a bad play (it’s even better than ice spirit) because it helps against any counter and buys you time to respond. On defense, you can place it behind the tower when you are full on elixir or on a tank’s support troops to distract while your inferno melts the tank. Its splash damage is also useful against low HP troops like minions or goblins because it weakens them and slows them down. This card used to be ice spirit, but recently I found that ice golem is even better with the xbow

  • Fire spirits – A versatile cheap card

A versatile cheap card that can be used to protect your xbow from hordes. Also, I like to open with FS at the bridge if I don’t have my xbow, if anything it’s a good play when you are full on elixir and if your opponent ignores it you get something like 200-300 free damage X Bow Log Deck

  • Knight – I used to run skarmy

I used to run skarmy and I know many people still do. Before I used guards. But recently I tried the knight, since I have been using it in my main mortar deck for ladder – And he’s such a good card. For 3 elixir he can tank a lot and trades positively with many threats. While ice golem is your first card to protect the xbow because it buys time, the knight is your most standard card to protect and distract counters because he works against almost anything. Even against air troops he can tank a few shots. He’s also a good card to place behind your tower when you are full on elixir because he’s slow and cheap. Overall very solid card for siege decks, works well in alternate to skarmy, isn’t weak to any spell (I don’t even know if rocket can take him out) and can tank a lot, plus if your opponent ignores him he can do a lot of damage not because of his DPS but rather how much HP he has

  • Log – A very strong card

A very strong card and the only legendary required for this deck. Use it against princess and cheap troops whenever needed (offense and defense), hit the tower anytime you can because in the end every bit of chip damage counts specially with a 1-0 siege deck like this. Know exactly how much damage your fireball and log do together to avoid unpleasant surprises X Bow Log Deck

X Bow Log Deck Overall Gameplan :

Overall this is a solid deck and it doesn’t take a lot getting used to but maybe it’s because I already come from a siege background. The more you play with this deck, the better you’ll be at using it. It can surprise people using any archetype and if played correctly will get you many wins. X Bow Log Deck

The biggest issues I face are the popular Giant-Bowler-Lightning since they can use bowler to always tank against the xbow and alternatively any deck that uses rocket since it trades evenly with the xbow. Against Giant decks, you need to play very slow and take advantage of mistakes, push a draw if you can and find it necessary. Against decks with rocket you will most likely draw if you play correctly since they will counter your xbow everytime, but if they make the mistake of firing a rocket at your tower punish them. X Bow Log Deck

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Well I hope you guys enjoyed and if you have any questions about the X Bow Log Deck just ask me.