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Hi Guys s4fun here and I would like to share a X Bow Ice Golem Deck  I broke 4k mark with. This deck was first shared by another Person and It is slightly different from normal X-bow deck with knight/rocket. I personally tried several X-bow/mortar decks but only felt comfortable with this one. let’s take a look on this X Bow Ice Golem Deck Guide 

X Bow Ice Golem Deck  Card Role:

X-Bow – Main win condition. It is Able to take an entire tower if left undefended. DPS/elixir is far superior compared to mortar, where you need at least 3 mortar (12 elixir) to take down a tower. Normally I drop it 1 tile behind the bridge, and 1 tile to the edge. Occasionally I drop it in the middle of the map under critical condition (especially when one of my tower is low in HP but I wanted to pressure another lane) in order to secure against their push and the remaining HP to damage their tower.

Lightning – Secondary win condition. It is Expensive but could provide high value, works wonderful against spawner deck, EC, MM, musketeer, 3Musketeers etc. Rarely use on defense unless necessary. At 4000+ trophies you will often face opponent who can counter your X-bow well, your only choice is to spam lightning and try to defend yourself until you find a chance to place X-bow(when opponent are low on elixir/opponent placed tank on another lane)


Ice Golem – Main tank for your X-bow. Works excellence against any threat. Drop this fella 0.5-1 sec after your X-bow placement, normally I drop MM immediately after ice golem if opponent responses with Inferno tower/MM/knight etc. Use fire spirits if opponent responses with low HP units such as goblins/minions/minion horde.

Mega Minion – Best defensive/offensive unit paired with ice golem. Be careful if opponent use lightning, i always save this unit until opponent use their lightning (if they have one). MM normally wrecked everything if protected by tank (ice golem/Skarmy). Easily beat opponent’s MM with the help of ice golem slow effect.

Fire Spirits – Chip damage on tower, quick killing machine for minions/minion horde after death damage from ice golem, kill barbarians quick with the help of log. I always drop them for chip damage if I have nothing to play, however I keep them for necessary if opponenet use bait deck like minion horde, goblin barrel etc.

The Log – Push unit away from your X-bow, effective to prevent damage. If they play princess I often keep this spell for her. I also cycle this spell to damage their tower if I have nothing to play.

Inferno Tower – Only place it if opponent play hog/RG/tank. Placement is crucial to target their tank first, I often place ice golem to distract their support units away. Skarmy creates great synergy with this, both are deadly when played together and they can only choose to zap one.

Skeleton Army – Be aware of their zap/log/arrow rotation. They can shred any ground units real quick. It is important to keep skarmy on hand if opponent play a large push, and place them after their support units pass the bridge. Normally I don’t play this card to defend my X-bow as I prefer ice golem+MM, I only use skarmy when I know they have no counter for it. Sometimes I split them to both lane behind my king tower if I have nothing to play. The level on this card is not so important, Level 3-4 will do. X Bow Ice Golem Deck 

X Bow Ice Golem Deck  Strategy

 X-bow is destructive if your opponent doesn’t expect it, and messed up at the beginning. If you get bad cards as starting hand and messed up a little, try to cycle your deck and not letting your opponent know you are having X-bow.

Perfect cards to start a game are X-bow, ice golem, MM. If they mess up the beginning I often take the tower within first minute. Place your X-bow when you reach 9.5 elixir, place ice golem 0.5-1 sec later, followed by MM if they response with ANY single unit such as knight/mini pekka/inferno tower,MM etc. Get the tower down to 400-500 health and you can consider to pressure on another lane, because you can easily cycle log+lightning to kill it near the end of the match.

If you are having disadvantage during middle of game, you can always surprise them by switching lane, even the tower is on full health while another tower is on 1000 health but they are aggresively defending it.

X Bow Ice Golem Deck Encountering situations:

Golem beatdown – Place your inferno tower 3 tiles above your king tower, lure away distrations, make inferno tower target only the golem. Use skarmy immediately after they pass the bridge. If they use low hp units such as minions/minion horde, place ice golem and immediately followed by fire spirits. If you use MM to defend, place them far from your Inferno Tower to avoid Lightning (near the bridge). Use skarmy/ice golem if they cast graveyard. Do not drop your X-bow on the same lane they are pushing. Drop X-bow immediately on another lane if they drop golem behind their king tower. Difficulty: 5 stars

Hog cycle – Inferno tower in the middle of map, 3-4 tiles above your king tower. A single inferno tower can handle a hog + ice spirit, if they are not overleveled. Defend their push and quickly pressure on another lane, normally I drop mega minion first at the back of king tower, if a hog comes the MM will assist after being lured by Inferno Tower, then counter push the lane they are not pushing by X-bow followed by ice golem+leftover MM. Difficulty: 4 stars

Lava Hound beatdown – When playing against LH, I often push the lane they are pressuring first. I drop X-bow same lane immediately after they drop their LH, and ready to defend it with ice golem, they are low on elixir now and often they response is weak, counter whatever their response is using your MM/fire spirits etc. By the time LH cross the bridge it will attack your X-bow first, which serve as tank. Then I place Inferno Tower above the tower I’m defending, right at the edge, to minimize the chance of getting distracted. Drop ice golem + MM/fire spirits to distract their support units. Ready with your skarmy as they often follow with a miner. If they drop a tombstone, I normally drop fire spirits on another lane to kill it. Use Lightning to kill the tombstone if you have nothing to play, normally they drop LH at the back and you have plenty of time to gain back the elixir. Difficulty: 3 stars


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I strongly suggest trying thisa X Bow Ice Golem Deck – It’s fun to play, easy to use All comments, questions, and criticism is welcome.