X Bow Executioner Deck

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Hi guys What’s up Hyp3rion,akki here and today i am going to show you X Bow Executioner Deck  which is really good for reache at Arena 10 This Deck is same as very populer X bow Bowler but there is big diffrence in this deck I replace My Bowler To Executioner and this Executioner card make this deck more powerfull than before because Bowler cant Attack on air but executioner can take care of both ground and air units that’s why this is powrfull than before So without wasting any time come and read This X Bow Executioner Deck Guide till the end

X Bow Executioner Deck

X Bow Executioner Deck Card Role:

  1. Xbow: Obviously the main win condition:Usually to win you only need to set up one or two and get it to lock onto the tower.  X-Bow is a beast on both offense and defense, with moderate health and quick damage dealing function, X-Bow is the best choice to wreck Towers and defend against current meta. While your opponent is defending against the annoying X-Bow, he is also accidentally attacking as he is sending cards to your side of the arena. Doing this allows you to defend for positive Elixir trades. So, the main strategy of this deck is to set up the X-Bow and then defend to regain the 6 elixir investment and we have executioner to take care of Skarmy and Minions Horde if your opponent play these card to counter X bow
  2. Mega Minion: The main reason I use Mega Minion in this deck is because it is a great way to deal with the opposing Mega Minion. Aside from that, Mega Minion is one of the best cards in Clash Royale at the moment as It can’t be killed by most spells, except Lightning and Rocket. Even If your Mega Minion is underleveled. Excellent at dealing with Hog Rider, Barbarians, Minions and Mega Minion, of course. Due to its slow movement speed, don’t expect it to do too much once it goes beyond the bridge.
  3. Executioner: This card is just OP. It is useful against furnaces, spell bait decks and any deck that minimally relies on ground pushes.It is Good against Skarmy,Minions,minions Horde,Fire Spirit,Goblins and Goblins Barrel with the splash damage, and Good health it makes it a perfect partner for the X Bow.Usually you want to save your Executioner to defend their push, and counterpush with it with a X bow. the most important strength of  Executioner is his Area Damage 360° feature. He can also hurt support troops behind the powerful tanks of current meta, and be one of the best defensive cards in this X Bow Executioner Deck.
  4. Fireball: he is a reliable and cheap source of damag Excellent at dealing with Barbarians, Minion Horde and any group of troops! When the opponent’s Tower is below 1000 HP, you can stop playing Mortar and simply cycle to Fireballs and Zap to finish off the Tower. I rarely cast the Fireball on troops near the Tower. Since high level games often come down to the spell race, using Fireball at the early game really helps to building an early lead
  5. Archers: Standard ranged attack, these ladies are just nasty. Like Ice Golem, they are good in all sorts of decks despite not being that OP, they’re just better than princess and better than musketeer on defense because of cheaper cost.They counter megaminion really well and deal good damage to tanks. They are also your main counter against graveyard, so be wary
  6. Ice Golem – This card is also OP. Insane value for 2 elixir, Useful for any type of deck and does a great job protecting the x Bow and buying you time to place cards to defend it great mini tank for only 2 Elixir. He can distract units, kite them and his death damage is really useful.He is also useful against bait decks which is really annoying to deal with.
  7. Inferno Tower: While this card isn’t as good as it used to be because less people are using tanks, it’s still really good for 5 elixir. Melts tanks, semi-tanks and cards like ice golem and megaminion. It can provide an easy elixir advantage and be used to turtle in overtime. Also very good against hogrider despite the negative trade.
  8. The Log: Just an amazing card. I’ve won multiple times on a last second log roll to get their tower. Main uses in this deck are to kill a princess, kill a swarm, clear the space in front of your X-Bow, small units, and to RE-TARGET! Advanced log tech is using this to push a musketeer into the other lane, out of range of your X-Bow. (as an example). This tactic works on hogs too and can save your damaged tower. If your opponent is playing Goblin Barrel, save this card for that counter! You will not have any other good ways to deal with barrel effectively. 

X Bow Executioner Deck General Gameplan:

The General gameplan is simple With this X Bow Executioner Deck you have to play slow, don’t rush things with your X Bow. Just play defensive early on like placing Ice Golem at the back or splitting Archers.Your main offensive combo would be Ice Golem+X Bow+Executioner, an 13 Elixir combo, but you can also do a X Bow + Mega Minion or X Bow Golem + Archers combo.

You want to counter your opponents pushes with Archers,Mega Minions Ans Executioner and If have your defending units alive then go for a counter attack. Don’t hesitate to use Ice Golem even though he is apart of your main push.If your opponent  trying to starts off with an aggressive Miner Minion Horde combo, ignore the Miner and take out the horde with Fireball Executioner will Work well against Minions Horde,Skarmy To save your X bow


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I strongly suggest trying thisa X Bow Executioner Deck – It’s fun to play, easy to use All comments, questions, and criticism is welcome.