X Bow Bowler Deck

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Hey guys, Kissmeclsureyes  and today i am going to share X Bow Bowler Deck so I received enough epics to get my Xbow, and Bowler both up to level 4 so I thought the deck would just be a gimmick deck, one that I could beat lower level players in tourneys, but when I tried it out I started beating skilled players, and placed very well in some small tourneys (3 1sts out of 4 tourneys). I then tried the deck on ladder, but it wasn’t didn’t work very well. this is a very solid deck I’d recommend trying out if you like Siege. If your Epics aren’t at least level 3 I wouldn’t recommend using it so let,s take a look on thisX Bow Bowler Deck

X Bow Bowler Deck

X Bow Bowler Deck Card Breakdown :

  • Xbow : Obviously the main win condition.

Usually to win you only need to set up one or two and get it to lock onto the tower.  X-Bow is a beast on both offense and defense, with moderate health and quick damage dealing function, X-Bow is the best choice to wreck Towers and defend against current meta. While your opponent is defending against the annoying X-Bow, he is also accidentally attacking as he is sending cards to your side of the arena. Doing this allows you to defend for positive Elixir trades. So, the main strategy of this deck is to set up the X-Bow and then defend to regain the 6 elixir investment.

  • Bowler : One of the key troops in this deck.

splash damage, and high health it makes it a perfect partner for the XBow.Usually you want to save your Bowler to defend their push, and counterpush with it with a Xbow. the most important strength of Bowler is his knock-back feature. He can also hurt support troops behind the powerful tanks of current meta, and be one of the best defensive cards in this deck. You can also use high level I usually prefer to defend pushes with Bowler instead of Mini Pekka and A key interaction is that Bowler can one shot all spirits, so if they play them behind their attacking troop just bowl them down for a great advantage. As it has high hitpoints, you can also use this unit to soak up some damage for you. X Bow Bowler Deck


  • Ice Wizard : This is your air and ground support for your deck.

Paired with the Bowler, it destroys 3 Musketeer, Opposing Hog Pushes and Barbarians, and is versatile in almost all defensive situations due to its low 3 elixir cost, in conjunction with its 35% slowing capability. It can also be used offensively once you pair it with the X bow defend your X-Bow completely against most of aerial and ground threats. 

  • Fireball : is a reliable and cheap source of damage!

Excellent at dealing with Barbarians, Minion Horde and any group of troops! When the opponent’s Tower is below 1000 HP, you can stop playing Mortar and simply cycle to Fireballs and Zap to finish off the Tower. I rarely cast the Fireball on troops near the Tower. Since high level games often come down to the spell race, using Fireball at the early game really helps to building an early lead

  • Mega Minion : The main reason I use Mega Minion in this deck

is because it is a great way to deal with the opposing Mega Minion. Aside from that, Mega Minion is one of the best cards in Clash Royale at the moment as It can’t be killed by most spells, except Lightning and Rocket. Even If your Mega Minion is underleveled. Excellent at dealing with Hog Rider, Barbarians, Minions and Mega Minion, of course. Due to its slow movement speed, don’t expect it to do too much once it goes beyond the bridge.

  • Ice Spirit : is definitely the best troop in the game at the moment.

It is still the best defensive card in game at the moment due to its Elixir cost, even after the Novemeber balance update, reducing the freeze time to 1.5 seconds. Drop it next to your X-Bow to freeze your opponent’s response, allowing you to defend more appropriately. The Ice Spirit is invaluable when using X-Bow early as it buys you more time to learn your opponent’s deck.  It’s the fantastic card to defend against tons of pushes, giving you the positive Elixir trade.

  • Mini P.E.K.K.A :  Ideal Level: 7

Mini P.E.K.K.A has a high use rate especially at higher Arenas, because Mini P.E.K.K.A is both an incredible offensive and defensive unit due to its high DPS, allowing it to counter Giant, Royal Giant and other tanks.its moderate health and high damage,if it’s paired with Ice Spirit, putting immense pressure on your opponent if countered incorrectly. he can be the best choice to protect your Area! Nothing can be better than him, but Guards (lv4+ only) are usable if you want to cycle a little faster. X Bow Bowler Deck

  • Zap :  Best spell in the game still in my opinion

Despite it’s nerf it is still one of the most used cards in the game. The Zap Spell can come in clutch, and has won me multiple games.A well placed Zap with support can help defend your Xbow letting it destroy their tower. Although I’m not going to go into real depth because I’m sure you all know how to use Zap it’s a super useful card that is almost required for this type of deck.It’ll destroy and it’ll stun, just for joy, and some fun! Arrows (lv7,8+) are usable, but then you may lose to most of Sparky using players. Not recommended after all. X Bow Bowler Deck

X Bow Bowler Deck General Gameplan :

Start with  Ice Wizard or Bowler. If you don’t have xbow in your hand, wait for your opponent to deploy first,If Your Opponent Play Giant Behid King Tower  then Ready To defend Your Tower,

On offense, deploy Ice Wizard and/or Bowler, then place the X-Bow like I wrote above. Use other troops too if needed. (Best offense at the late game) If you got high pressure on one lane and your opponent has elixir lack, deploy Mini P.E.K.K.A and FIce spirits on the opposite lane (this trick depends on your own skill and your opponent’s) X Bow Bowler Deck

This deck is excellent at catching the opponents off guard and forcing them to react, adapt for your flow of the game. Below are 3 ideal times to set up an X-Bow X Bow Bowler Deck

This deck is so good on defense aside from the X-Bow that it prevents damage coming from almost anything. Don’t hesitate to use Elixir inefficient on defense If you have to. 

You always have the Fireball and The Zap in your hand to finish off the Tower.Don’t hesitate to use Elixir inefficient on defense If you have to. You always have the Fireball and The Zap in your hand to finish off the Tower.

Overall this is a very solid deck I’d recommend trying out if you like Siege. If your Epics aren’t at least level 3 I wouldn’t recommend using it yet, and just trying to keep leveling them up.

Thanks for reading This X Bow Bowler Deck guide, and don’t be afraid to comments, provide criticism, or ask questions!