Clash Royale Ram Rider Draft Challenge Guide

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Hi Guys today I will Show you Witch Giant Rider Deck Arena 10+, This Witch Giant Rider Deck Arena 10+ has New powerfull card Ram Rider and Ram Rider is Doing well in Giant and Pekka Decks and This Witch Giant Rider Deck Arena 10+ is awesome because you have great offensive and defensive tools. It can be played like a miner control deck with the ram Rider or be played as a giant beatdown deck so come and take a look at this Witch Giant Rider Deck Arena 10+ guide

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Witch Giant Rider Deck Arena 10+

Witch Giant Ram Rider Deck Arena 10+

Giant – This is your main win condition. The Giant is a tank that has the highest health per elixir ratio in the game and packs one heck of a punch too, so it’s easy to see why this card has always been a viable option in all arenas.


The Giant serves as a great tank for any troop you have available and it’s especially strong when you can place it in front of leftover troops from defense to form a deadly counterpush.

Witch –  second win condition of this Deck! 5 Elixir so don’t cycle this card.You can cycle E-Wiz, Mega Minion, Mini Pekka and Zap but don’t put a lone Witch at the back without having Giant in front.

She’s your only splash attacker so always play cautiously if opponent has a Minion Horde.

She does her work well, takes down Graveyard well. Just be sure to place her out of Poison range!

I like to bait out Poison with Night Witch and place Witch away because Witch is more important in your push and she’s ranged as well so will stay out of Poison.

Mini P.E.K.K.A. – It’s hard to find anything that matches the level of satisfaction gained when you see your Mini P.E.K.K.A. slap a wizard to the moon as it yells its battle cry, “PANCAKES”.

Our wild imaginations aside, the Mini P.E.K.K.A has one of the most DPS at tournament standards, yet costs just 4 elixir. It excels at killing almost any ground troop be it a tank or a support unit and serves this purpose very well.

Electro Wizard – This card is mainly for spawn Zap.I like to use him when I want to Log on offence. Just practice the timing. Even I’m not too great at the timing myself but all the same it’ll come in handy.

Using E-Wiz on offence can be used to get Giant to Tower with good HP as stunning P.E.K.K.A, keeping P.E.K.K.A alive for several more seconds. Also, he helps you get rid of careless Infernos.

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Thisis really solid Ive had a lot of fun playing it and a lot of success as well. I hope this Witch Giant Rider Deck Arena 10+ will help you to push trophies