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Hi Guys Witch Giant Poison Deck Md Aaqib back Again with Witch Giant Poison Deck which is working well for me Ladders This Witch Giant Poison Deck is Very Good in Current Meta and This Witch Giant Poison Deck  helped me to get my Personal best At 4300 trophies in about an hour,My friend used this deck First  and her recommend me to play this Witch Giant Poison Deck also Take a look at these Top 13 Clash Roayle December Meta Decks 2017

Then I tried It was very amazing to play and i saw in Tv Royale Lots of players in Arena 9 are using him After Balance Update update (12/12), Lots of players are using this deck and most decks from top players are utilizing their Fireball from Poision so come and take a look at this Giant Witch Poison Deck guide Take a look at check out here more Top 9 Clash Royale 20 Win Crown Championship Finals Challenge Deck

Witch Giant Poison Deck


Witch Giant Poison Deck Deck Card Role:

Giant – This is a Giant beatdown deck so you want the big guy in. Starting with Giant first is very risky in current meta so avoid doing this unless they drop Elixir Collector first or threw Elixir away on an opposite lane. Giant at the back if you have Elixir Advantage and play at the center if you are running him on defense. Playing at the front of your tower is also good in certain situations like pushing back a Giant Skeleton that has gotten too close. This can also work with most Melee Troops like MiniPekka or Barbs. Your goal is to get Giant in your frontline. and you have reach this guy at tower

Witch : It has  become more usealbe card after getting buff It is here For their spammy-splash-damage nature, the Witch is on my deck because it can shoot both air and ground troops. It’s hit speed is very fast, and at range as well, along with splash-damage, this is great for both offense and defense. It deals well against Skeleton Army, Barbs (to an extent) and anything else that’s dumb enough to walk into it’s range. Health is moderately good, its able to withstand most things. Paired with the Giant, you can literally smash through to the opponent’s towers and deal a solid amount of damage.

Poison: Its Good spell now Beside Zap, Poison is Good spell card afetr balace change,Excellent on both offense and defense. Great at taking out Barbarians, swarms, 3 Musketeers, Princess… Poison is one of the key at dealing with Giant Poison, Giant Bowler and Hut Decks, if Inferno Tower is not in your rotation aftert getting buff this is hard counter to graveyard

Musketeer: Best card on your Starting Hand. Musketeer is amazing on defense if you  keep her safe. Lv8 will avoid the One-shot against lv8 Fireball so the level is quite relevant. You need this slot to be your second Range DPS supporter but other cards can fill in for this role most notably Ice Wizard who I have hailed as border line irreplaceable in my other Giant+Poision+Witch deck. Wizard can work here as well and I have seen a clanmate perform well with Wizard. I feel the Elixir Cost is the tipping point for me. MiniPekka and Valkyrie are in the running as well but you really want Ranged DPS for this spot. 

Inferno Tower: Best Building in thegame Even with the  A lot of the cards in this deck are flimsy, and Inferno Tower provides a wall of hitpoints that can tank for you defensive cards whilst also melting tanks. When placing this card, space it properly so your opponent can’t get a value Lightning to hit your other defensive cards.

Mega minion: Decent Card to start with. Throw him on the left side from the middle to max out his time before hitting the Bridge. Wow this card does EVERYTHING in this deck or any other deck it’s in for that matter. It counters just about every card except Skeleton Army. Keeping this guy alive for the Counter Push is deadly so make sure you place him in good spots. Lv7+ is good enough for A9 and 10 but this is a decent card to try to Overlevel.

Archers: Strong enough to survive a log but otherwise fairly weak when played directly against other troops, the archers are best played behind the Giant (typically as it is passing the arena tower if started behind the crown tower) or as an archer split for a small amount of chip damage out of your starting hand. The archers can also be used as a temporary distraction to lure a giant skeleton/lumberjack/barbarians or any other melee troop to the center while your tower does additional damage in order to take them out before getting hit. It is worth noting that the princess can also be used as a replacement for the archers although I did not have that as an option during my push.

The Log: The Most Used Card in the Top 200 According to the Popularity Snapshot. It’s just that good. It can kill Princesses, snipe Goblin Barrels, clear swarms, push units back, force a retarget, chip at the tower, push a unit into the other lane, the list goes on and on. I recommend you guys to take a look at Apprentice TheNoob‘s Log Guides Here , they are very informative and detailed.

Witch Giant Poison Deck Potential Substitutions :

  1. Log – Zap or Arrows
  2. Poision- Fireball
  3. Archers – Princess, Guards (Guards are not zappable)
  4. Mega Minion – Mini Pekka (More Hitpoints and Damage, but weak vs. Air)

Witch Giant Poison Deck General Game Plan:

At the start, if you have Giant, Witch, and Poison in your hand, I generally like to start a push by placing the Giant in the back and adding the witch and poison later. This can be risky, however, but it works a lot. Know what you are doing. If you don’t have one of those in your starting hand, I like to let the opponent play first and then counter what he uses for a positive elixir trade.

If he plays first at the beginning, and you counter, then keep countering until you have enough of an elixir advantage to make a push. Once double elixir comes, try to not let them start many pushes and keep pressure on the opponent. I like to build as many pushes as possible.

Here, I am sometimes able to build Witch + Giant + Poison + Musketeer  from all of the positive elixir trades. If you make that combo, you have a guaranteed tower.

The best combos:

  1. Giant + Musketeer (9)
  2. Giant + Witch + Poison (14)
  3. Giant + Musketeer + Archers (12)

The Ultimate Combo (Double Elixir Time):

  1. Giant + Witch + Poison + Log + Musketeer (17
  2. Poision+Log(6)(Chip Combo)

Witch Giant Poison Deck Early Game:

First minute of the game, feel your opponent out for Deck Archetype and Threats like Barbs, Tombstone, Minions and Inferno Tower. Try to refrain from small pushes at this stage of the game unless your opponent over-commits and you can get a Giant in front for the Counter Push. Giant Witch Poision Deck

Witch Giant Poison Deck Mid Game:

Minute #2 is all about setting up your Pushes and make huge Counetr Push 

Witch Giant Poison Deck End Game:

Double Elixir time is your time to shine. Try to cycle to your second Giant to get the last big Push in. Avoid playing Inferno at this stage unless you plan on going to Over Tower. Be on the lookout for Log damage if you can sneak the win that way. Giant Witch Poision Deck

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I strongly suggest trying this Witch Giant Poison Deck – It’s fun to play, easy to use All comments, questions, and criticism is welcome.