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Witch Giant Deck Arena 5 Deck

Hey all, I know this is my first post but I would like to share an amazingly balanced Witch Giant Deck that has gotten me to Legendary Arena as a Level 9. The deck contains only 1 Epic – the Witch and no Legendaries. For those readers who like to play off-meta, this is for you. It is as follows: here is the full guide on this Witch Giant Deck

Witch Giant Deck

Witch Giant Deck Strategy:

  • Starting Hand – If your starting hand starts with a Giant and a Witch, start the Giant in the back and do a Giant-Witch push. It is your choice whether or not to back that push up, depending on the cards on hand. If the opening hand is anything else, defend first and build up a massive counterpush. I personally like to start with a Tombstone or Inferno Tower when I reach full elixir. Then, keep defending until your deck rotation cycles to Giant-Witch.
  • Defense – Think of your opponent’s every card as having a counter. The best way to defend is to assign every one of your cards to one of your opponent’s to best counter them. The Minions can deal with the Goblin Barrel, Skeleton Army, Graveyard, and Miner. The Valkyrie can deal with swarms, opposing Witches, and Musketeers. The Tombstone counters the Royal Giant, Hog Rider, and Musketeer, etc. Rationing out your troops and saving certain cards to counter your opponent’s is the best way to build up a strong counterpush and win the game. Witch Giant Deck
  • Overall – This Witch Giant Deck key push is the Giant-Witch. The Witch is an extremely underrated card. It can be played defensive against the Minion Horde, Prince, Golem, Pekka, Mini-Pekka, and many more. Then, a Giant plant can set up the perfect counter-push.

How to deal with different decks:

  1. Lava Hound: Play the Inferno Tower correctly, and the Lava Hound will be melted. The Zap and the Fireball can deal with an attempt to distract the Inferno with a Minion Horde. The Witch can be used to splash all of the pups out of existence while her skeletons distract supporting units, setting up for a counterpush. Witch Giant Deck
  2. Royal Giant – Once again, Inferno Tower placement and timing is crucial. Tombstone can also be used to push the Royal Giant back and avoid major damage.
  3. Sparky – Tombstone can distract the Sparky very well. The Witch’s skeletons also do the job quite nicely. A Valkyrie or Minions can be used to quickly take Sparky out and Zap can reset it.
  4. Hog Rider – A well-placed Tombstone or Inferno Tower does the job nicely. Minions and the Witch can be used to assist. Witch Giant Deck
  5. Bowler – The Bowler is one of the hardest troops to fight as a Witch user. In order for a Giant-Witch push to succeed, first counter the Bowler on defense then immediately counterpush before it comes back into rotation. Minions and Inferno Tower both work.
  6. Three Musketeers – Fireball and Zap will kill them. If Zap is needed to counter another troop, A Fireball-Valkyrie will take them out.
  7. Princess – Try to Fireball the Princess along with other units/the Tower. If the Fireball needs to be used to counter the Three Musketeers, just use Tombstone as soon as the Princess gets close to the river.

Counters to the Witch:

  1. Fireball – Sometimes, the opponent will constantly Fireball the Witch. Lure the Fireball out by placing a Tombstone near the Tower or another building, then going ahead with a Giant-Witch push. It’s worth it.
  2. Barbarians – Some opponents will place barbarians on your Witch as soon as it crosses the river. A prediction fireball will allow the Witch to survive. If the Fireball fails, a Valkyrie or Minions can be used to defend.Witch Giant Deck
  3. Valkyrie – On the next push, send in Minions to support and try to time a Zap on the opposing Valkyrie perfectly. The Witch will barely survive.

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Thanks for reading this witch giant deck guide!